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Is the use of the word Yids and Yiddos in threatening chants or slogans acceptable?

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  1. Split

    Split New Member Trusted

    I hand you the batton mate, because I'm whacked!
  2. reggiepaul

    reggiepaul New Member

    Isn't that Hey, Hey Yiddos, YOU scum?

    That's what I sing...
  3. Alexone234

    Alexone234 New Member

    Not when it was first sung. Because people were uncomfortable with it, Jew Scum was replaced withy You Scum, but when I first heard that song at HIghbury it was firmly Jew Scum
  4. Alexone234

    Alexone234 New Member

    Jesus, I have read the parts of this post i didn't have time to earlier.

    Clockend Faithful, I don't know you so this is sheer conjecture but from what I have read of your posts you come across as a volatile right wing leaning semi-hooligan.

    I worries me because i hoped this kind of thing was non-existant at Arsenal and we were more 'enlightened' but maybe I was wrong, and we have a core to worry about too.

    If being a racist mindless goon with nothing but anger and hate on his mind means being a real football fan. Sign me up for the Glory hunter/plastic gooner category anyday.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    what are you saying !! why because my bruva was blocked does this whole topic get seen as ok. my bruva was saying no more than what others are saying. yet he gets blocked. exiled i agree with was u said bout the issue but i think u have overeacted when blaming by bruva for this.
    all this PC is ruining the world. things are going well over the top in everything. this is just an example of the problem PC is causing. PC is equally as bad as racism. PC causes inequality and is very unequal. the jewish people should be abit less petty and recognise when we at arsenal say yid we mean tottenham. now split and mini may argue all day about how its racist, but everyone else here are sensible enough to realise we are not being racist. and if a jew wants to be picky and view it as racism then really thats there problem, maybe you should follow cricket.
    using yid as a term against Sp**s and using yid as a racial slur are totally different. its not about the word its about how its used.
    eg. a black can be called a nigga by his white mates, and he laughs about it. and its ok as he realises it means no offence. but if a black is called a nigga when he is walking down the street then that is racist. and intended as racial slur.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    who posted that thing saying "ariel sharon forever" ??? have they been blocked ? bet they havent. admin i find that post abusive and do not wish to have someone promote their murderous religious beliefs on this website. maybe you should be fair and block that prik as well ?
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    i just read who posted the ariel sharon bit ! quite suprised actually ! do think thats abit OTT
  8. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

  9. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    Well, there's some sort of sanction so it does almost mean this topic is alright.

    Being PC is fine, sure it makes speaking your mind. But racism is the terrible, whereas there's nothing wrong PC.

    I know you're not being racist, but dont people accidentaly crossing that line and being able to justify themelves.

    Cricket is cr*p. I'm only being "picky" because I dont want to have Football be turned into a source of deep hurt, I know you don't mean to be rascist, but you can be hurtful without knowing.

    I know. But random people might shout "YID" to someone in a Sp**s shirt and that's when it become's a problem because they may get worse and start chanting the worse chants to them.

    That is the problem.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    i dont mean to caue any racial trouble. i just feel political correctness has gone overbored and is beginning to cause a diferent kind of inequality and different treatment. im not goin to go into it, but i beleive PC is bullshit and going way OTT. im just really confused why my brother was blocked. people say he was being racist but i cant find any quote from him that is racist !! i would be happy if the person who blocked him owned up and gave me the evidence they used to justify his being blocked
  11. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    He may've not been racist, but I think that the person who blocked him was under the impression that if they didn't do it now, he would be.
  12. Split

    Split New Member Trusted


    I may be way off the mark here, this may not be the reason why the mods decided to bar him, and like I said before I had nothing to do with it!

    But the one thing I object to about the majority of your brothers posts, is that he seems to think that if you are not abusive to the opposing fans, and generally very aggressive in your support for Arsenal, then you are not a true fan! And he seems to make digs at other arsenal fans on this forum, implying that they are not REAL fans!

    Frankly that is bollox!
  13. Split

    Split New Member Trusted

    The Mini, How am I ignorant?
  14. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    Everything they have said has gone through one ear and out the other.
  15. Split

    Split New Member Trusted

    Was that directed at me? Was that suppose to explain why I am ignorant?

    I don't get it?

    I am not trying to stir things, would just like to know what you mean, because I don't see how I have been ignorant/
  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    fight fight fight
    same old gooners, always turning on each other
  17. Exiled In Newcastle

    Exiled In Newcastle New Member

    Alex - the song was always 'you scum'. Some of the more 'unsavouries' may have sung what you said, but I can assure you that when it was first being sung pre-season it was most definately 'you scum'.
  18. 1886

    1886 New Member

    what sort of bollox is this? this is ARSENAL son not some pro isreali site, if you wanna continue with those type rantings then i suggest you f*ck off elswhere that accomodates for that sort of thing.

    to me, at the end of the day rightly or wrongly th term "yid" will always be mentioned at Arsenal and theres little you or i can do about it, there will always be songs, chants about the scum and providing no1 oversteps the mark then thats fine by me. i'll be at the lane next sunday and i'll be partaking in all the yiddo songs (as i always have done and will continue to do so) and quite frankly i couldnt give a monkeys toss whose next to me or what they think of me!
  19. Beany

    Beany ITK Elite

    To be fair there may have been a hint or Irony in Adam T's post...

    I too have no idea about how Sharon got in here; if you want to get really deep and regardless of your views on Sharon this may be due to the oft held, historical (and in my view totally unfair) association between Zionism and Facism. Whreas and in fact people just don't like the idea of Jews with (big) guns.

    !886, I don't know your background, age or political leanings. The bottom line is that it's been made perfectly clear to you, in this thread, why your attitude to singing certain of these songs is offensive. If you must sing them, cast those concerns aside as absurd, and carry on regardless, then I can't stop you.

    But youu reduce yourself, the reptation of our club and not the spuds by doing so.
  20. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    Okay, Split, answer this question: if I call Eyal Berkovich (Pompey player) a f*cking Israeli ****, am I being racist?
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