Yoan Gouffran

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by GoonerGurjit, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

  2. athreya74

    athreya74 New Member

    Age below 21 - tick
    French - tick
    Of African descent - tick

    Hooray, Arsenal must be interested in him.

    But as Arseblogger says, 'Arsène, let French kids remain in France'.

    No, thanks Grimandi. Just track Ribery.
  3. Arsenal_FAN1983

    Arsenal_FAN1983 New Member

    I guess Wenger is looking for another 18 year old Anelka.
    If he finds him, hopefully the players attitude and advisors will be in favour of him staying at Arsenal for many years.
  4. Viper

    Viper Member

    I've not seen him play, but I've heard good things about this lad.
  5. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

  6. dos1986

    dos1986 New Member

    Very impressive kid,has great pace,great power on both feet.

    And most importantly he can finish be it left foot,right foot,head,tap ins,30 yard blasters.

    He's like a young Eto'o imo,very mobile,very ruthless,I hope we get linked with him more.
  7. stiiphunn

    stiiphunn Well-Known Member Trusted

    To begin with he doesn't play at Cannes as the article says, but at Caen.

    And as Dos says he's a very good player. Has got bags of pace and is very good technically. And most important nowadays, he can finish.

    I think Chelsea were linked with him last summer though.
  8. evoh_1

    evoh_1 New Member

    CAEN have a couple of real good young players and have along with Le Harve one of the best histories in bringing up french talent (Gallas, Bodmer, Zubar, etc)

    both Elliot Grandin and Goufrann look good though Gouffran is more of a natural footballer and grandin is a more physical player.
  9. Clrnc

    Clrnc Well-Known Member Trusted

    correct me if i am wrong. clichy was from caen?
  10. spartan239

    spartan239 New Member

    Clichy was from Cannes
  11. kooldawg

    kooldawg New Member

    Cannes has some pretty famous players too, I think Zidane and Cantona are both products of the Cannes youth system.

    as for Gouffran, he seems to be the real deal. Good technique, good finishing, seems composed in the final third, more importantly for us, he seems to be able to score from set-pieces.
  12. stiiphunn

    stiiphunn Well-Known Member Trusted

    Cantona was from Auxerre actually.

    But yes Cannes are quite famous for bringing through some special talents. Zidane obviously, but Patrick Vieira as well.
  13. evoh_1

    evoh_1 New Member

    cannes are now in the third division but have a rich history from the early 90s ala zidan, micoud, viera, etc. now they don;t hae much to offer as they don't have a huge academy but the previous profile ofthe club still attracts players.
  14. The Man Who

    The Man Who New Member

  15. dos1986

    dos1986 New Member

    I really hope that is true,would be a bargain for £2mill,has all the qualities I like in striker/winger...
  16. Mr. Hotshot

    Mr. Hotshot New Member

    OMG how many teenage strikers do we need? We already have Bendtner and Vela who are returning to the club next season.
  17. dos1986

    dos1986 New Member

    He's 21 in May so not a kid..
  18. oba101

    oba101 New Member

    I'm very happy if he's better than Ade. :D
  19. Mr. Hotshot

    Mr. Hotshot New Member

    Ali is 23 and he's still being called a kid. What I'm trying to say is that, we have TOO many young and inexperienced but have potential strikers. We don't need potential, we need instant-noodle striker who knows the game well enough and can can fit in our team instantly and give us 15-20 goals a season.
  20. kooldawg

    kooldawg New Member

    But he's looks like a good talent.

    Besides, the Boss probably has to replace 2 strikers, Bap and ali. Bendtner will be one replacement and maybe Gouffran is the other replacement.

    And are reports of Vela coming back true? Has he sorted out his work permit issues?

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