you are all going to be so jealous

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by grennan84, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    No. American cookies are gay.
  2. RammiXP

    RammiXP Active Member

    HAHA OWNED, oreo!!!

    classic Kha0z
  3. Tegh

    Tegh New Member

    *Pets sabre*
  4. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    do you want to get the poor lad killed!

    Looking forward to the pics and video, have great time mate.

    btw is it wrong to call a person you don't know mate?
  5. orion

    orion New Member Elite

    You don't just happen to be new Wenger type of signing, you know the like's no ones ever heard of before...?
  6. GunnerGirl

    GunnerGirl New Member

    not really
    you wouldn't get killed
    but then again they might think you're a weirdo..cos you don't even know them

    Have a good time grennan...lucky sod! You better bring some good things back :wink:
  7. pg1989

    pg1989 New Member

    You are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. gotnothin

    gotnothin New Member

    Your lack of knowledge and so called 'humour' that your MATES continually blow smoke up your arse about is hilarious! I haven't read 1 post of yours where you actually SUPPORT Arsenal & our players. I reckon your one of those overweight ****s that has never tightened a pair of footy boots in your life, yet believes he knows more about the sport than Wenger etc! Chin up though mate, somethin good will happen in your life one day!

    Apologies for taking this off topic but somethings just need to be said.....
  9. choi12911

    choi12911 New Member

    LOL....I can already see the storm...That's right. Kha0z is coming...
  10. gotnothin

    gotnothin New Member

    Storm??? I was thinkin more like a passing shower :oops: :lol:
  11. KoLo28

    KoLo28 New Member

    You're right gotnothin.

    But it's probably best you ignore him. His sad life is all about being a moron and masturbating over all the bites he gets.
  12. gotnothin

    gotnothin New Member

    Roger That KoLo28!! Ceasing all contact with Kha0z!!!
  13. Wenger14

    Wenger14 New Member Elite

    Yeah make sure you ask them to pop into Arsenal-Mania and register.

    Have fun mate! lucky bastard :lol:
  14. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    Erm, Kha0z is awesome fools.
  15. wheelyfar

    wheelyfar New Member

    Have a really good mate. That sounds spot on. :)
  16. Raghav89

    Raghav89 New Member

    Since you are going tell wenger to make reyes play on the right and hleb on the left
  17. Feanor

    Feanor New Member

    Don't Forget Joaquin!

    But seriously, have fun and make sure you don't say anything to upset mad Jens!
  18. Henry_Pires

    Henry_Pires New Member

    How come you get this chance?
    You win something or what?

    If you happen to meet Wenger, please beg him to sign Torres.
  19. Arsenal_4eva_14

    Arsenal_4eva_14 New Member

    Khaoz you are not funny?! Simple as that, you think people laugh at what you say, i jsut pay noattention to it... Frankely your a band wagon that jumped on during the 49-unbeaten run and thats about it. You have no clue about soccer whatsoeva, nor do you have the ability to judge a player... You'v never played at a competitive level and it is evident in ur posts. Please dont try and make funny remarks cos they aint working mate :roll:
  20. gotnothin

    gotnothin New Member

    Alright its now the 10th (well in Aus anyway :oops: ) lets see the pics, hear the goss and all the rest!! :D

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