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You have the budget to replace three starters who are they?

Which 3 starters would you look to improve upon?

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Osimhen Maignan and Camavinga

Osimhen the best most well rounded striker on earth rn, Camavinga biggest midfield talent in the world and adding pace and ability on the ball.

Maignan mostly so @albino stops logging on here to give actual Arsenal fans abuse.


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Obviously, this feels somewhat disloyal, considering the service these players have given us.

Ramsdale - He's done well this season, and at his age there is room for development. That being said, I'm not sure he'll ever become truly world class. Hopefully, he'll prove me wrong. Not likely to be replaced by Arteta.

Xhaka - Simply due to his age, he will need to be replaced in the coming seasons, but his partnership with Partey is probably the main reason we are where we are. He's been top class.

Jesus - I would like us to have a more clinical striker, or someone that offers a more physical presence. Probably more a competitor to Jesus, rather than a direct replacement.


You're wrong, no?
I don't think there are any obvious replacements unless we have a Chealse budget.

Xhaka - probably done enough this season to survive

Jesus/Trossard - some comments that they are not scoring enough but at the same time team looks great with them on the pitch and we actually scored loads of goals this season. Struggled for goals only when they weren't playing. We've scored 66 so far, I don't think we need changes, Manchester with Halaand is only 1 goal up

White - Fresnada would be a choice but it would be an experiment rather than a certain improvement. Cancelo looks like he is not wanted anywhere, might be a second option

Martinelli - full of mistakes and braindead moments, but who could argue his end product and effort?

I would keep the rest for next season having in mind that Partey is highly unreliable with his fitness but nothing wrong with him when he plays


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How has White, Ramsdale and Martinelli got so many votes? Best players in the league in their positions so far this season.
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You know I’ll probably take an Emi type over Ramsdale just because of penalties. During a cup run these Emi types are winning you shootouts for sure.
I think an Emi or Donarumma style keeper is worth their weight in gold in tournaments and cup competitions. Less important in the PL.


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First two are relatively straight-forward
1. Xhaka
2. Ramsdale
Third one is far more difficult but going with Martinelli who will be replaced by Jesus on the wing. Then bring in a striker with the ability to link up but is more clinical


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Ramsdale and Xhaka are the obvious ones, can't really say I want to replace anyone else.

Ramsdale is a good keeper but I don't think he has that high a ceiling, he's not going to get close to the very best. Xhaka has been brilliant over the last 2 seasons but is hitting 30 and for all his good work someone just as solid with a little more creativity in their game could really bring up our attack another level.

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Ramsdale, TP5, Xhaka.

Mind you, I would still keep these players in the squad if they can be.

Ramsdale -> Raya
TP5 -> Caicedo
Xhaka -> Rice.

Note, I would still add more to our team, especially upfront.

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Great moves to get us from title winners to battling for 4th again 🔥

Nah nah nah, there is no way :lol:

You add those players, and Raphinha, Leao/Osimhen, Balogun and a young talent in midfield like a Gabri Vieiga (plus Patino) and we are cooking again next season IMO.


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White - I’m not really sure what Arteta wants from his RB given Zinchenko’s role. White provides us a lot of defensive stability but could not more to support Saka.

Martinelli - Loved by all, but not at the same level as Jesus or Saka. Will be upgraded this summer anyway.

Xhaka - Mainly due to age, would like to see what a more complete attacker adds in this position.

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For me Jesus is the biggest area for upgrade.

He's great in a lot of ways but he's pretty much the finished article. I don't think he's ever going to be a prolific goalscorer so finding a CF with with most of this strong points who is also a bit more clinical in front of goal would be nice.

Ramsdale is another, great distribution and good shot stopper but I feel he could be upgraded on with a decent bit of cash in our pocket.

I get the argument for a Partey replacement considering his age and injury record but I can't really see a semi realistic buy out there that would come in and bench him when fit. He's such a unique talent.

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Too hard to call. Don't seriously wanna replace any at mo tbh. Think Xhaka & possibly Partey mainly because of age. However losing their defensive awareness & experience could negatively impact the team big time.
Really tough perhaps Ramsdale but rate him already as one of the best in league & think he can/will improve.

To flip this what would you do if you was an opposition fan or hated tets so much you wanted to sabotage the team?🤔

You could put back in 3 early Arteta era players?

Bring back Mustafi for Saliba?
Pepe for Saka? End game washed up Özil for Ode?

Would that just about ruin it & stop us bothering other teams too much?😁
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Bellingham in for Xhaka
Chesney in for Ramsdale
Mbappe in for Martinelli

This team would win the treble in reality, not the place Utd supporters minds go to as soon as they win 2 games in a row.

Mbappe Jesus Saka
Bellingham Partey Ode
Zinny Gabriel Saliba White

You can't score on that team and you can't stop them scoring.

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