Younès Belhanda

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Arai, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Pires7_Legend

    Pires7_Legend New Member

    Re: Younes Belhanda.

    Him or Isco would be great replacement for Arshavin/Rosicky!

    Would be good player to have because he can rotate with Cazorla and Podolski for CAM and LW.
  2. Kanonier

    Kanonier Well-Known Member

    Re: Younes Belhanda.

    THis is the kind of player that we need to play on the wings and provide options in the middle. He would link up again with Giroud!
  3. KY

    KY New Member

    Re: Younes Belhanda.

    isnt he signing for fenerbahce or something?

    or already did?

    time to lock.
  4. yuvken

    yuvken New Member Elite

    Re: Younes Belhanda.

    Thought I saw inter was a done deal?
  5. Bossa

    Bossa New Member

    Re: Younes Belhanda.

    This guy is definitely not good enough for the top.
  6. leo_ense

    leo_ense New Member

    <a class="postlink" href="**s-still-lie-in-wait-for-Younes-Belhanda?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daily-express-football-news+%28Daily+Express+%3A%3A+Football+Feed%29" onclick=";return false;"> ... ll+Feed%29</a>

    Anyone still interested?
  7. FinnGooner

    FinnGooner Well-Known Member

    This kind of signings won't get us closer to the top. But since our aim seems to be finishing fourth in the PL every year, Belhanda is the kind of player we should be expecting. Far from top class, though.
  8. fabo

    fabo 6.51 / 10

    No way, not good enough. And plays in an area that isn't a priority for us.
  9. CurryFlavoured

    CurryFlavoured Well-Known Member

    Overhyped, all tricks no end product, definately don't want.
  10. iced22

    iced22 New Member

    Very promising. Great dribbler, solid passer, and an eye for a goal. He gets far more stick than he should because of his attitude. His dribbling style kind of reminds me of Rosicky actually.

    The time to sign him though was last summer, when we needed help at AMC. Now, we're stocked there and got a better and more experienced player in Cazorla, so we can let this slide.
  11. ArsenesNO1Fan

    ArsenesNO1Fan Well-Known Member

    Not on my wishlist but he'd be the ball carrier we lack when Wilshere is out. He may work well on the wings and may link up well with providing service for Giroud.
  12. pet

    pet New Member

    why would we buy him? who would he start over? definitely not cazorla, podolski, or walcott. i know i sound like wenger, but don't we have enough kids who play similar positions? the ox is already in first team and gnabry, eisfeld, and campbell should all break into the squad in the next couple of years

    spend the money on strikers, defenders, and holding midfielders

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