Younès Kaboul

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by arsenal4life, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Arsenal_FAN1983

    Arsenal_FAN1983 New Member

    Andrade is better.
  2. dos1986

    dos1986 New Member

    On the ground maybe but not in the air....which we need most.

    His best days are behind him too imo.
  3. The Man Who

    The Man Who New Member

  4. _scorpion_

    _scorpion_ New Member

    I believe the Scum are after him.
  5. kooldawg

    kooldawg New Member

    yeah, i was gonna post that too.

    Would have been a decent signing for us imo.

    Whatever happened to that Turkish defender we were linked to?
  6. Paddy from Sweden

    Paddy from Sweden New Member

  7. M+D

    M+D New Member Trusted

    Found this in The Lobby: ...
    Thanks to King Gooner who found it.
  8. Kenyonhater

    Kenyonhater Active Member

    I was hoping Arsène would snap him up. Think we might be missing out on a huge prospect here. Very good in the air, too. And he dreamt of playing for us...
  9. dos1986

    dos1986 New Member

    Agree cheap ass Arsène has missed out again imo,Sp**s have got themselves a decent CB to partner King and Dawson,looks like they have signed Bale too and have inquired about Martins..

    Im feeling very underwhelmed at the moment when the only guys were linked with,are lottery cards like Jimmy Briand..

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