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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Split, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. rachael-8

    rachael-8 New Member

    really :shock: i looked all over wakie for one and rung up other shops,o booooo i well wanted that shirt :cry:
  2. Arnie

    Arnie New Member

    My 1st live Match:
    Arsenal V Man utd 96/97

    My 1st Fave player:
    Dennis Bergkamp

    My 1st bitter disapointment:
    fa cup semi 99

    My 1st meeting with an Arsenal Player:
    kanu 3 years ago in a vodafone shop!! Got an autograph

    My first away game:
    West ham 2-2

    'My' first trophy:
    98 double.

    My first shirt:
    98/99 home shirt

    My first arsenal gift:
    Video: scoring scoring Arsenal 96/97 seasonl
  3. karmakhazee

    karmakhazee New Member

    My first live match:
    January 1990 Arsenal 1 Sp**s 0 Had my name up on the scoreboard because it was my birthday! Very exciting at 12 years old!

    My first favourite player:
    David Rocastle - remember writing a letter to him at school. We all had to write one to our hero. Always disappointed he didn't wirte back.

    My first meeting with an Arsenal player:
    Never met one.

    My first away game:
    October 1998 Derby County 1 Arsenal 2 at Pride Park Worthington Cup whilst working in Derby. Friend at work got me and my Gooner mate tickets through his Derby membership, nice eh? To add to the midlanders' hospitality, they even scored a goal for us.

    My first shirt:
    2002 home shirt. You may think that's late compared to my others, but it was preceded by my pride and joy of full Arsenal tracksuit for Christmas in 1989, along with all the usual paraphanalia of pencil cases, shinpads, lunchboxes, bootbags etc when I was growing up.

    My first almost-wet-my-pants exciting signing:
    Reading in the paper that Bruce Rioch had signed Dennis Bergkamp, then running to school to talk about it with the other Arsenal fans!
  4. lewdikris

    lewdikris New Member Elite

    The bizarrest thing in that is that you seem to think OTL is me!
  5. lorenzo

    lorenzo New Member

    1st Live Home game:
    Arsenal v Norwich 1989/90 season...(big bust up between players at the end, standing in the North Bank...Legend)

    1st favorite player:
    Paul Merson

    1st meeting of Arsenal player:
    Ian Wright
    (he came to a half term football school and we got to ask him questions. I asked him what part of his game he thought he could improve on. he said holding up the ball!)

    1st away game:
    QPR v Arsenal... Boring 0-0 draw 90/91 season

    1st shirt:
    our first nike shirt: was it 92/93 season?? can't remember

    1st bitter moment:
    losing CWC final 2nd time round
  6. juz7_pi12es

    juz7_pi12es New Member

    my 1st Arsenal GOLD design:
    I don't really like it, just for fun. Not sure it's GOLD enough or not. Any comment btw?
  7. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    My 1st live Home Match:
    Arsenal-ManUtd April 2003 (just realized the question is which match at Highbury, not on tv :lol:)

    My 1st Fave player:
    Dennis Bergkamp

    My 1st bitter disapointment:
    FA Cup Semi '99

    My 1st meeting with an Arsenal Player:
    Only football player I saw anywhere was Zenden outside Harrods :lol:

    My first away game:
    vs. Ajax in the Amsterdam Tournament some years ago.

    My first trophy:
    Premiership 1998

    My first shirt:
    95/96 Away

    My first arsenal gift:
    Probably a calendar from my uncle :p
  8. koivu

    koivu New Member Trusted

    My 1st live Match: Arsenal 2-0 Southampton, Feb 2004

    My 1st Fave player: Dennis Bergkamp

    My 1st bitter disapointment: UEFA Cup Final loss to Galatasaray

    My 1st meeting with an Arsenal Player: Never met any

    My first away game: Haven't been, on my to do list though

    My first trophy: Double 1998

    My first shirt: 95/96 Home shirt
  9. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Yup, I think it's called All Sports- do you know the one I mean?

    Lewd? Who is this Lewd that you speak of? :shock: :lol:
    Okay, just for you Beanz, I'm sure I've told this story a few time here, so I'll do it differently:

    Int: McDonalds Restaurant (on the Strand, London)
    Night, it's around 3.30am

    We can see in a crowded, rowdy restaurant- restaurant ha!- a dark, good looking invidual, clearly inebriated standing with a couple of friends, one is ginger (also drunk), the other is slim and wears his hair slightly longer than the others (sober). The three seem to be observing the rest of the restaurant..

    Luke (the slim one): Ummmmmm, nah I can't see anyone. Wait a minute!
    OTIL (the dark, good looking one :wink: ) What?
    Luke: Over there, look!
    OTIL: Who?
    Luke: Edu
    OTIL: Edu? Yeah, that's not bad..
    LUke: And next to him, that guy looks like Gilberto
    OTIL: (laughs)
    Luke: Paul, that is Edu and Gilberto
    OTIL: No, no way!
    Luke: Seriously, go over.
    OTIL: Nah, it can't be.
    Luke: I'm telling you it is!
    OTIL: (to the ginger one, Kevin) Is it?
    Kev: Yeah, I think so.
    LUke: You should go over there man
    OTIL: OK then

    (walks over to where our two brazilian heroes are sat eating with a couple of friends)

    OTIL: What the f'ck are you two doing in McDonalds at this time of night?
    (Gilberto just looks down at his chips)
    Edu: Well, we are normal people, no?
    OTIL: (laughs) Yeah, fair point!
    (Edu smiles)
    OTIL: Well, listen, make sure you win the League this season, yeah?
    Edu: We'll try.
    OTIL: Ok, see ya

    And that was it.
  10. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    [delete soz moddies :wink: ]
  11. beanz

    beanz New Member Elite

    OOps, sorry about mixing you and lewdikris up :oops:
    That's an interesting story, I bet they went to Mc D's so late/early to avoid being caught eating junkfood, something I'm sure Le Boss would'nt approve of. :mrgreen:
  12. Split

    Split New Member Trusted

    I also have seen Edu, wondering around oxford street.

    He seems like a very, very down to earth guy. completely different to the rest of the footballing 'jetsetters'

    Have a look at his website

    family photos, talks about what he does in his private life etc. Very refreshing to see a football 'star' like that.

    The phrase "nice to see he's got his feet on the ground" is very overused (especially on this forum) but with Edu it is certainly true.
  13. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    S'alright Beany! :lol:

    Yeah, it was pretty funny to see them there, I think it might even have been after the Blackburn game where Edu scored at both ends
  14. KingReyes

    KingReyes New Member Trusted

    My 1st live Match:
    March 2004, vs Bolton. 2-1 win

    My 1st Fave player:
    Tony Adams

    My 1st bitter disapointment:
    1991 Fa Cup semi-final loss to Sp*rs

    My 1st meeting with an Arsenal Player:

    My first away game:
    March 2004, vs Chelsea in the CL, 1-1

    'My' first trophy:
    League win 1989
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    That gold kit isnt bad, can you do another one but in yellow. I think that is what our away colour should be and i really think that kit would look lovely in yellow!
  16. ___jeff

    ___jeff New Member

    My 1st live Match:
    98/99 Arsenal vs Wolve for charity shield

    My 1st Fave player:
    Dennis Bergkamp

    My 1st bitter disapointment:
    2-1 lost to manutd in epl 98/99 season

    My 1st meeting with an Arsenal Player:
    Last season as i oragnised outings after a Gunners pub was established in singapore

    My first away game:
    Havnt been

    'My' first trophy:
    Charity shield

    First shirt:
    96/97 season home jersey
  17. juz7_pi12es

    juz7_pi12es New Member

  18. tox

    tox New Member

    My 1st live Match:
    I think it was against Athletico madrid in some pre season tournament which chelsea and torino played at highbury on the same day.

    My 1st Fave player:
    Ian wright

    My 1st bitter disapointment:
    First time i went to highbury and saw arsenal lose against west ham. Around 94-95-96?????? (My memory is terrible)

    My 1st meeting with an Arsenal Player:

    My first away game:
    Wimbledon at Selhurst park.95 -96 ish????

    'My' first trophy:
    Fa Cup and League cup double 94?

    My first kit:
    93-94 red addidas.
  19. juz7_pi12es

    juz7_pi12es New Member

    My 1st Fave player:
    Robert Emmanuel PĂ­res

    My 1st meeting with an Arsenal Player:
    2004 David Bentley (Norwich C - Bukit Jalil, Malaysia)

    My LATEST kit:
    Away 2004-05 with Baby Ash's name at the back! I'm loving it!
  20. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    Was that it. Where is the bizarre bit.

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