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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Anonymous, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. Allyboy

    Allyboy New Member Elite

    My first Arsenal game at Highbury was a rather sobering one, it was against Newcastle in April 1989, the day of the Hillsborough disaster.

    All I can remember now about the day is that Marwood scored (can't remember the goal mind), Newcastle equalising in injury time but it being disallowed, but mainly the talk about what had happended at Hillsborough. I was only 7 but hearing about people being crushed to death at an event which was effectively the same as I was at was still a very powerful and sad moment in my life.

    Even worse, my mum saw the red scarfs on the television and for a few minutes thought my dad and I were caught up in it. It was not until she came with me to a couple of games last season that she was happy with me going to matches at all, let alone by myself!
  2. mombo

    mombo New Member

    Good job taking your mum to matches, Allyboy... first rate.
    Excellent reflection on that day as well.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I wasnt on this forum when the "yido thread" was going on.
    i do know that clockend poster because he used to post on the herd board.

    Yeh i was, only for abit, from what i can recall the gooners were getting a slapping and most ran away, i remember a big geezer knocking down a few gooners on his own. Werent many of us either, mind you this is only from memory im speaking and that day was hazy after 11 or 12 pints. :lol:
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Dont know if any of you were into all the designer clobber, but back in the day (and still now) we always had to try our hardest to have the best possible clothes. This meant day trips to france and germany to get the newest sports brands, or weekends in italy to get the latest designer tags before they reach english shores. Great days.
    Anyway, on with my story.....
    Me and another gooner went to millwall with cardiff city as we are mates with some of the cardiff lads. Me and the lads drove to the ground, when we parked up we were "greeted" by a mob of millwall. About 10 of them approached the 5 of us and suddenly stopped. One of em looks at my mates brand new munchen adidas trainers he had just bought from germany. He says "nice clobber, respect to that, might see you in the ground" then contently him and his mates walk off. The 5 of us, thinking the trainers had just saved our lives continued the walk to the ground. Then at half time my mate decides to take a walk around the stadium (as you do at millwall :roll: ) he comes back with his face bloody and only wearing his socks. We asked him what happened to his shoes, he replied "i bumped into our friends from outside" :lol:
  5. KoLo28

    KoLo28 New Member


    well i locked myself out of the house but thankfully the tv was on the right channell and i watched the game through the little glass triangle in the front door.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I remember once when i was young the match was on tele and we were out all day and night. So fortunately the folks decide to end the night at a popular bar. We had to queue up for over an hour to get in but fortunately in the background threw the window i could just see the arsenal. I spent the whole hour hopping up and down trying to see in threw the window which was just abit too high for me to see whilst on tip toes. My legs were knackered by the time we got in the pub but at least i got to see arsenal.
  7. KoLo28

    KoLo28 New Member

    also when i was away down south, two seasons ago, it was the game when we beat leeds 4-1 at elland road, we didn't have foxtel in the house so i went down to the pub, got in, told them to change the channel to fox sports, watched about 80minutes before i got kicked out for being under age.
  8. va_va_voom

    va_va_voom New Member Trusted

    I think you've fooled no-one CEF!!!
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Think what you like, im not going to bother explaining myself again. Like i said, i have only been here a few months and i do know CEF. But hey, if you dont believe im not bothered at all.

    oh, if i am CEF, why do i see a member called CEF browsing these forums every so often?
  10. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    Who gives a **** who he is anyway. I remember CEF and he was a good bloke and was a good member of the forum before he was banned by a mod. ****ing mods :p
  11. KoLo28

    KoLo28 New Member

    like my avatar aussie, what happend to tredders :wink:
  12. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    Im sure you would trade it for a crack at the Premiership though :wink:

    If you want to have a talk about the GF there is a thread in the dump.

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