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  1. brianfrance

    brianfrance New Member Elite

    I forgot this thread...
    Now mine is :

    Subs are : Clichy-Hoyte-Flamini-Edu-Gilberto-Fabregas-Senderos-Cygan-Lauren-Lupoli-Ali-Pennant-RvP-Almunia

    Of course all the youngsters are created, and somes of them are boosted :mrgreen:

    I've just sacked Jeffers, Bentley, Wiltord, Kanu, Keown, etc...

  2. Jose_Reyes_2005

    Jose_Reyes_2005 New Member Trusted

    brianfrance i would have expected you to have mendy in your side.
  3. ozgooner

    ozgooner New Member

    arse club manager 03/04
    cole campbell terry lauren

    fabregas viera van der vaart

    reyes henry rooney

    subs: holloway, carragher, ljunberg, pennant, kanu and jeffers(acctually scores sh*tloads of goals :roll: )
    won prem, cl, fa and league cups in 1st year :D
    then knocked out early in cl, fa and 1/4 final of league and 6th in prem the next year...cant work that out :roll:
  4. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    CM '03-'04. With Cheats :twisted:


    Cole Lucio Campbell Puyol

    Cassano Zidane Vieira JoaquĆ­n

    Adriano Henry

    Subs: Lehmann, Toure/Senderos, Xabi Alonso, Pires/Reyes, Rooney/Pazzini/Saviola


    Am trying to buy RvP, but he's saying no :'(
  5. velimir85

    velimir85 New Member

    The newest FM 2005 demo:

  6. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    I used Chel$ki and Liverpool on the FM Demo, they both have really good squads.
  7. Feanor

    Feanor New Member

    CM4 after 4-5 seasons:

    Issakson (swedish goalie)

    Bonera Burdisso Sol/Kolo AC

    Farnerud Vieira (not Viera ffs) Cesc Barbosa

    Henry Reyes

    CM4 actually had Cesc in the Arsenal reserves if you played with the full database and he has a -2 (160-200) potential. It just takes a while for him to develop.
  8. Phillips

    Phillips New Member

    Just finished the Football Manager 05 Demo with these teams
    * numbers in bold are the amount of goals the player has scored :wink:

    Arsenal Gunners

    Thierry Henry 28 - Jose Antonio Reyes 17

    Robert Pires 6 - Gilberto 2 - Patrick Vieira 10 - Fredrik Ljungberg 6

    Ashley Cole - Sol Campbell 1 - Kolo Toure 2 - Lauren 3

    Jens Lehmann

    Gael Clichy 1 - Edu 1 - Jermaine Pennant 3 - Robin van Persie 3 - Dennis Bergkamp 2

    Arsenal Reserves

    Jeremie Aliadiere 11 - Quincy Owusu Abeyie 8

    Robin van Persie 13 - Francesc Fabregas - Mathieu Flamini - Jermaine Pennant 3

    Gael Clichy 1 - Pascal Cygan 2 - Philippe Senderos - Justin Hoyte

    Manuel Almunia

    Stuart Taylor - Anthony Vanden Borre - Emmanuel Petit - Yaya Toure 3 - Arturo Lupoli 5
  9. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    I got Fifa 2005 now. My lineup is:


    Toure Campbell Chivu

    Ljungberg Vieira Cesc Cole

    Pires Henry Reyes
  10. Spike

    Spike New Member Trusted

    My Football Manager 2005 Formation. I'm in season 2.

    De Jong Campbell Lucio Cole
    Ljungberg            Pires
             Van der Vaart
            Henry Reyes   
    Still need to buy a decent goalie, replacement for Pires, and decent backup for Henry.
  11. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    Goalie - Tim Weise, Jan Lastuvka, Kasper Schmeichel
  12. Spike

    Spike New Member Trusted

    Thanks, I'll check them out.
  13. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    Only the first one is 'fully formed' but the other two will be really good, especially Kasper.
  14. Gunner4Eva

    Gunner4Eva New Member Trusted

    For CM4, my line-up was after the 5th season:


    Ryan Garry Sol Campbell Francesco Coco Ashley Cole

    Alexander Farnerud Patrick Vieira/Jamie Gleeson Gilberto/Edu Shaun Wright-Phillips/Pennant

    Thierry Henry/Moses Ashikodi Wesley Sonck/Jeremie Aliadiere

    Other players in this team are....
    Jay McEveley, Anton Ferdinand, Vierinha, Kolo Toure, Robert Pires, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Matti Lahitie, Freddie Ljungberg (he never gets good numbers....drives me nuts!) Needless to say, I am having trouble giving all these players minutes.

    Let me add also that this was a REALLY cheap team to assemble. I've won some 5 Premierships in a row, and 3 Champions Leagues in a row.

    For Football Manager 5, I have completed my second season and after two Premierships and 1 Champions League, I will say iI have made no additions to the squad worth mentioning. The line-up is the same as Wengers, only I use Van Persie more. :wink:
  15. invisibleman18

    invisibleman18 New Member Elite

    yeah i keep it real aswell, fifia 2005 ps2:
    Hoyte Campbell Toure Cole
    Pennant Vieira Fabregas Pires
    Henry Reyes

    On LMA 2004 ive bought loads of different players though, really the whole fun of manager games but in my first go at this game ive tried to make a large quantity of english players. while ive kept the main guys like henry, reyes, vieira, ljungberg, i have brought in a few english players like hargreaves, paul robinson, carrick, joe cole, also bentley has improved into a pretty good player.my main goal is to get lampard away from chelsea but i havent got the funds to be able to do it and its been a few seasons now so hes getting older.
    lost pennant on a free though after a poor season.
  16. Spike

    Spike New Member Trusted

    Jan Lastuvka is heavy on my game, 19 reflexes and handling.

    He's kept like 10 clean sheets in a row, and you should see the saves he makes.

    Thanks Mini.
  17. Gunner4Eva

    Gunner4Eva New Member Trusted

    I was going to buy Jan Lastuvska but I always go by what my scouts say, and they said he wasnt good enough, despite his awesome numbers. Wolves ended up picking him up, and now he's unhappy with the English lifestyle, or something like that.
  18. Gunner4Eva

    Gunner4Eva New Member Trusted

    I was going to buy Jan Lastuvka but I always go by what my scouts say, and they said he wasnt good enough, despite his awesome numbers. Wolves ended up picking him up, and now he's unhappy with the English lifestyle, or something like that.
  19. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    I usually listen to the scouts only if I'm not sure myself. But I've had lots of recommendations on him, so I got him anyway.
  20. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    My team in PES4 (3rd season Master League)





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