Your best and worst Arsenal moments in 2005/2006.

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Mostarac, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Mostarac

    Mostarac New Member Trusted

    Sorry if posted before. Anyway, thought we could post here what was our personal ups and downs when it comes to Arsenal in 2005/2006. Personally, the worst moment for me was Belletti`s goal in Paris, a really **** goal which completely destroyed all our hopes of winning Champions League for the first time in our history. The best one was our win against Wigan in the final match at good old Highbury, was really sad and happy at same time that day, sad because we left Highbury after so many memorable years there, and happy because we won against Wigan to get that 4th place ahead of Tottenham.
  2. RockyRocastle

    RockyRocastle New Member Trusted

    Best -

    Going one nil up in Paris - was on top of the world for an hour, so close.
    The night before and day of the game in Paris, Gooners everywhere, great times.
    Winning in Madrid.
    Playing Juve off the park at Highbury.
    Jens in Villareal.
    And obviously the last day at Highbury, movie script stuff. Simply couldnt get any better.

    Worst -

    Walking away from the ground in Paris in the rain.
    Getting home from Bolton, Blackburn, Everton, Liverpool, Utd, Newcastle.
  3. qs

    qs New Member Elite




  4. 13fortune

    13fortune New Member

    worst...lost against barca...
    best...winner from adebayor against manutd
  5. Gryphon

    Gryphon New Member

    BEST:- :clap
    1) jens penalty save couldnt belive it even the next morning
    2) campbell heading home in Paris
    3) henry equalizes against Sp**s at home (wicked celebration too!!)
    3) BONUS POINT:- piping Sp**s for fourth :lol:

    WORST:- :bash
    1)Paris - cant say more :cry: :twisted:
    2)Losing to Man ure :cry: :twisted:
    Coming back from all our losses :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
    3) Dennis Bergkamps Testimonial if it comes in the 05/06 season :cry:
  6. mad jens

    mad jens New Member

    i don't know why but my worst moment IMO is when man u beat us at OT when we were on our mini revival.

    I still remember having a fever and headache and suffer a little depression. It was real bad.
  7. hellolo

    hellolo New Member

    Diabys injury was definitely one of the lowlights as well; simply due to the ****ish nature of it ><
  8. gunner321

    gunner321 New Member

    best:riquelmes pen miss and sol campbell giving me false hope against all odds.

    worst:barcas goals.
  9. >YounGunner<

    >YounGunner< New Member

    The best was Henrys goal against Real Madrid by far. Proved everyone wrong. Sol Campbells goal was great while it lasted........

    Worse has to be Etoos goal because i knew it was all over even though it was 1 - 1
  10. dublingunner

    dublingunner New Member

    Best for me was Henry's goal against Madrid, and that performance as a whole, because it came at a time when we were really struggling in the Premiership and nobody gave us any hope.

    Worst was coming back down to earth with a bang by losing against Blackburn the following Saturday. I had been so hopeful the Madrid match would signal a new beginning. Course, in the end it did signal a new beginning, just not until after the Blackburn match.
  11. Seabass

    Seabass New Member

    I don't think we'll see much variation in these, but I'll throw my best/worst moments in here anyway...


    - Lehmann's penalty save on Riquelme... justice!
    - Campbell's goal against Barca
    - Henry's goal versus Real Madrid
    - The entire first leg against Juve
    - Bergkamp scoring on Dennis Bergkamp Day
    - Henry's hat-trick in the final league game at Highbury


    - The loss in Paris... nothing else compares to this
    - Two or three times, I came home after a trip, not knowing what the weekend's results were, only to find out that Arsenal lost to Bolton, or some other hateful team... very frustrating
    - The Pires/Henry penalty debacle versus Man City... funny now, but at the time I was upset
    - Losing on an absolutely idiotic extra-time/away goals rule against Wigan in the League Cup after RvP took the lead for us
  12. IBL

    IBL New Member Elite

    So many to choose from:

    - our entire CL run right until the equalising goal
    - Henry breaking Wrighty's record in some style with a brace (against Zagreb?)
    - Final day beating Wigan and making the Spuds sh*t themselves
    - Lehman's save against Riquelme, our performance against Juve at Highbury
    - 7-0 drubbing of Boro
    - Bergy scoring on DB day
    - Henry's equaliser against the Spuds

    - Baletti's goal, still not recovered from it
    - Our away form domestically, especially at Bolton
    - Diaby's injury
    - Farewell to Dennis and Bobby
    - the whole Cashley saga
  13. marco

    marco New Member Trusted

    Best- Madrid, Paris upto 75 mins and jens pen save in villareal
    and the last ever game at highbury
    and charlton- My first away win of the season

    worst- Anywhere on the M6!
    7 games
    o goals
    o points

    bolton away wet windy and cold.
    everton- hungover early morning kick off
    anfield- **** performance, **** weather on way back, valentines day, last minute goal!
  14. Josh27

    Josh27 New Member

    Best for me is still Thierry scoring against Real Madrid. The goals sends shivers down my spine every team I see it!

    Worst has to be losing against Barca late on. And the fact we were so poor away from home in the league.
  15. croatia_gooner

    croatia_gooner New Member

    worst - last 15 mins of CL final, no doubt about that...

    best - campbell's goal, jens' penalty save in villareal and of course wigan game
  16. gonermad1992

    gonermad1992 New Member


    home to juve, the atmosphere was just amazing that night


    the last 15 mins of the cl final, so close and yet so far :~(
  17. Lehmann1

    Lehmann1 New Member


    -Lehmann's penalty save. I was so angry at the penalty award and went mad when it was saved.
    - Sol's goal against Barca
    - Beating Madrid at the bernabeu


    - Jens sending off
    - Both Barca goals
    - Going out of Carling Cup to wigan
    - And anfield deserves a mention. I was so angry and disgusted for about a week.
  18. Kontizinho

    Kontizinho New Member

    best moment:last game with wigan at highbury and reaching the cl final
    worst moment:the final and the defeats from chelski and bolton
  19. Best momment:
    - Henry scored against Sparta Prague..pure technique there
    - Henry goes past so called galacticos en route to the victory at Bernebeu
    - Cesc performance at Highbury versus Juve..an assist and a goal...
    -Kolo Toure goal against villareal as well as Jens denied Riquelme
    - Sol sent us top of the world..
    - Benayoun goal against the scum...
    - Fletcher goal that ends Chelsea unbeaten run...preventing them overwritting our run
    - Edu and Petit wearing the same number at Bergy testimonial
    - Scum didn't qualify for Champions League
    - There is other club interested to buy Cygan

    Worst of all
    - The last quater at Paris...Both Barca goals scored from near post
    - Jens red carded at Paris and myself have to go to work with pure sadness
    - Gilberto gave away against Bolton at Reebok Stadium
    - Lauren gave away against Chelscum
    - Chelski got away with Ashley Cole as well as Reyes goes to Madrid
    - Pires is leaving as well as Bergy retired
    - Our away form is worst...
    - Senderos dealing with long balls namely game against Everton and Bolton

    I really hope that we can win at the Bridge,White Hart Lane , Anfield and at Bolton..we deserved to win because we played like champions..winning with style
  20. sparky44

    sparky44 New Member

    Best Moments:

    -Beating real madrid and juventus
    -Henrys goal agianst Sp**s

    Worst Moments:

    -The constant media critism of arsenal
    -Losing to united, at home to chelsea and losing in the worst possible way to liverpool.
    -Watching didier drogba score a ****ty goal and beating us
    -Bolton beating us in the FA cup

    Last season was a nightmare, it was truely awful (for our standards) but one postive came out of last season - the birth of cesc fabregas. Now he is a much better player and the team is now built around him. Last season was truely a transition period and it was a big gamble to have wenger put so much faith in cesc but it looks to have really paid off. The guy is just incredible.

    This is the season where it happens people, havent been more optimistic in all the years ive supported arsenal!

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