Your Best And Worst Moment As An Arsenal Fan

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Jose_Reyes_2005, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. Jose_Reyes_2005

    Jose_Reyes_2005 New Member Trusted

    Every1 seems to be talking about vieira's future nowadays and to be honest its getting a little boring and repetitive - so how about we change the topics a little !?!?

    My favourite moment as an arsenal fan definately has got to be when Sol Campbell signed for us. I couldnt believe it. I was on holiday and i remember every time i'd read the papers or watch the sports news - all people were talking about was where will campbell go. Barcelona ? Madrid ? Milan ? Juve ? nearly all the european footballing giants were in for him and sumtimes they wud mention arsenal being interested- but i never believed it for a minute. This guy is the best defender in the world - he can be earning millions at say barce or madrid - why wud he sign for arsenal !?!?

    One day i got bak to the hotel at about 1 or 2 in the morning - i turned on Euro Sport News and i remember reading the headline passing across at the bottom of the TV screen. "English Defender Sol Campbell joins Arsenal on a bosman from Tottenham Hotspurs" I couldnt believe my eyes. I screemed my ass off, probarly woke up every1 on the floor, and made like 1000 phonecalls. I didnt go to bed that night. Our defence was a worry with tony adams getting closer to retirement and there was no kolo bak then - and ashley was inexperienced and not as gud as he is today - so getting Campbell was a huge boost for the defence. A really great day.

    My WORST moment as an Arsenal fan is without a doubt the 2-1 loss to chelsea in the champions league quarter final this year. It was probarly more painful than upsetting. It all just happened within seconds. One minute we were going into extra time, the next - we were out. And being one of the fans that wants to win the champions league more than the premiership - it was really hard to take in. Especially since we had played sum breath taking football in the first half and were totally dominating the game. But what really made it be my worst moment was the fact that madrid had gone out. We wud hav played a fairly average monaco side in the semis. Milan were out too - so were Juve. Barce, Valencia, Munich, all the top clubs - they were no longer in the competition - we cud hav seriously won it last year. But we blew it.

    other best moments include arsenal 5-1 inter/ man utd 0-1 Arsenal to clinch the title and finally - stadium funding being completed.

    other worst moments include man utd 6-1 arsenal/ overmars and pettit moving on and last but not least, Valencia 1-0 Arsenal in champions league quarter final with carew's header in the closing stages of the game knocking us out on the away goals rule.

    What are YOUR best and worst moments ?
  2. Sigun

    Sigun New Member

    I was also on holiday in cyprus when Sol joined us and my dad called me, that was great as i was in bed with a hangover.

    The recent chelsea match was the worst i would say...and losing overmars.

    I cant think of a best moment there are are too many...maybe Wiltord at old trafford, plus the players bowing down to Pires at the end of our second double winning campaign when he lift the trophy. Pires was awsome that season.
  3. marhes26

    marhes26 New Member

    Good ones..
    1.Arsenal winning the league cup in my first season supporting them against Liverpool in 1987.Whenever Ian Rush had scored Liverpool had never lost..until then!!

    2.Winning the league against Liverpool at Anfield 1989...i remember the whole day clearly,at school,the build up and being a bag of nerves about an hour to kick off.I remember sitting there as the 89th minute approached thinking "we've blown it,after the season we have had we will never have a chance like this again"...then BANG!!! THOMAS!!! i must admit i was 12 years old at the time and its the first and only time in my life i had tears of joy.I get goosebumps watching the Thomas goal now..i still think Ray Houghton is going to slide tackle him at the death!!.

    3.Beating Sp**s in the League Cup semi final in 1987 at the lane.Clive Allen scored and we looked like we was out with 8 mins to go..then Ian Allinson levelled and Rocky scored in stoppage time!! class!!

    4.Winning aginst Sp**s in 1993 Fa Cup Semi Final (Adams scored) after losing to them in 1991 and hearing yids for for 2 years singing "we beat the scum 3-1" we just had to win...revenge was sooooo sweet!.My cousin got married the day before the game and at the end of the reception the DJ played "Tottenam,Tottenham,no one can stop them" and the whole hall was pointing at me!!.Needless to say i sung it to him when i next saw him!!

    5.League win at OT 2002

    Lows= 1988 League Cup defeat to Luton.Winner with 14 seconds remaining!!.1991 Semi to Yids.Benfica knocking us out Euro cup 1991.Wrexham 1992 FA Cup.Man Utd Semi 1999 + 2004.Man U 6-1 2001.Liverpool Cup final 2001. Oh and Zaragoza 1995 (Nayim) bastard!!.
  4. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Best? Thomas in 89, Smith in 94, Adams 98, Tottenham 96, Cole vs Kiev, Internazionale, the Leicester match last season, Wrighty signing, Wrighty breaking the record, Bergkamp signing, Vieira's debut...

    The worst? Gascoigne 91, Nayim 95, Galatasary 2000, United 2001, Liverpool 2001, Leeds 2003, United 2004.

    All time best and worst? I don't think anyone beats Thomas in 89 for the best. The worst? It could only be that Nayim goal. Gutting, absolutely gutting.
  5. Gregwin04

    Gregwin04 New Member

    best moments are winning the double in 98.. i started supporting arsenal in 96 but realy didant get obsessed with the club untill 97 so it was the first sucsess that i had witnessed as an arsenal supporter.
    mind you winning the title unbetan last season was right up there two

    there are two worsed moments for me.

    1. arsenal loosing 6 - 1 to the scum that was pritty bad as it was the first point in the season i thort we woudent win the league
    2. Roneys goal against us to win the match the season befour last it was a good goal but thats not the point.. i realy believe we would have walked away with the title if he hadent have scored goal

    the worst footballing moment overall tho is when i heared that Wrighty had to suffer rasist abused buy some F uckwits when he was playing for burnley.. after all he was the reason i supported arsenal and wach football in the first place
  6. CMS

    CMS New Member

    worst: 2:1 loss vs. chelsea in CL last season.....

    best: CL match leverkusen - arsenal london february 2002.....

    that s when i became arsenal fanatic....

    it was an awesome game, i was so amazed by the fast henry and all this of the best goals bergkamp ever was an amazing evening, i fell in love with an english team..........
  7. Jose_Reyes_2005

    Jose_Reyes_2005 New Member Trusted

    Yea i forgot Galatasary 2000 was a nightmare. Can anyone remember the last time we won a penalty shootout ? i think we'd hav to go bak to 1997 or sumthing .....
  8. marhes26

    marhes26 New Member

    1998 against West Ham in Fa Cup quarter final i'm sure of it.When Abou missed for them and we went through to play Wolves in the Semi.
  9. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Well, the kids won one against Rotherham this season too (and that was the first game I took my six year old cousin too) I thought it'd never end!
  10. Jose_Reyes_2005

    Jose_Reyes_2005 New Member Trusted

  11. 7Pires

    7Pires New Member

    Best: Overmars goal at Old Trafford in 1998

    Worst: Cup Winners Cup final in 1995
  12. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    Best: Winning the league at Old Trafford, Beating Inter 5-1 in the San Siro, Completing a whole season unbeaten in the league.

    Worst: 6-1 defeat to Mancs, FA Cup Final 01, Losing to Chelski in CL and if Vieira goes, that will be another one of the worst.
  13. sav7302000

    sav7302000 New Member

    Worst moment(s) - Ryan Giggs goal FA cup Semi that put us out (havent lived down that 'Wonder Goal' til this day) and losing to Chelsea in the CL.

    Best moment - Watching Arsenal win the title at Old Trafford.
    Out of my mates there were only 4 Arsenal Supporters and about 10 Man U's!
    Never cheered so much, it even reduced of the Man U supporters to tears!!!! :cry: = :D :D :D
  14. beanz

    beanz New Member Elite

    Oneteam, You don't say wether it was the best or worst moment, but I was at that match too, I thought the penalty shootout would never end, loved it when Stacky scored and great value for a tenner :mrgreen:
  15. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Well, it wasn't a major moment like the others I guess, but all that excitement for a fiver each and my cousin's first match- yeah, I suppose it was one of my greatest moments. Cesc's debut as well, asn't it?
  16. Sonic Youth

    Sonic Youth New Member

    i read about that in fever pitch. tottenham had won the first leg 1-0 at highbury and were 1-0 up at half time at white hard lane and during half time the Sp**s announcer told the fans how to apply for tickets for the final at wembley, but arsenal scored twice in the second half so a third match was needed, which you described.........darn wish i was there...but i was too young back then to be aware of football and arsenal

    port vale, somewhere between 98 and 2000. don't remember exactly but i think it was 98.

    well anyway my highs:

    the 1994 cup winners cup final against parma
    the 98 and 02 doubles
    the unbeaten championship
    the 3-0 victory over Sp**s in 2002
    beating sampdoria on penalties in 95
    beating Sp**s in the 93 and 02 fa cup semi finals

    the 95 cup winners cup final against zaragoza, i had to :cry:
    the 2000 uefa cup final, i can't stand turkish football 'fans', bunch of murderers and stabbers. they were all cheering on the streets, the police even had to close the most important street of my town because they were going nuts.........
    the 6-1 defeat at man united
    last year's champions league quarter final
  17. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    That Samp game! I'd forgotten about that, one of the most exciting Arsenal matches I've ever seen. Forget edge of the seat, I fell off mine!
  18. Sonic Youth

    Sonic Youth New Member

    when schwarz scored the 3-2 and we got into extra time...... :mrgreen:
    and then at the penalty shoot out, merson could finish it off but he missed
    but then seaman stopped lombardo's penalty and we went trough to the final :mrgreen:
    which wasn't as amusing as the semi final :roll:
  19. shaz

    shaz New Member

    best: winning doubles

    worst: JUST missing out, when we KNOW we should have won. like treble this year, championship last year. etc.
  20. NooNe

    NooNe New Member

    best : ashley cole's header against spartak moscow. (did i get the team right?)

    worst : i dont plan to remind myself of this but it was the 1-6 lost to the scums...

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