Your best memory of the season to date.

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Gooner for 60 years, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. bode

    bode New Member

    blah blah I hate Arsenal blah blah blah winger blah blah
  2. invisibleman18

    invisibleman18 New Member Elite

    I'll add Bergkamp's injury time winner against FC Thun to my list. 1st game of the CL group stage, and looked like the same old CL story, dropping points against teams we are supposed to beat, be lucky to get through the group, doom and gloom on the forum etc......
    Then up pops Bergkamp to win it in injury time. Perhaps things will be different this season.......
    Also on a more personal note, when I was on holiday in Melbourne in January with no internet, not much in the way of access to watching games etc, getting woken up 1 morning by a text from a mate saying we had beaten Middlesbrough 7-0. Found this hard to believe as he has a history of not being particularly honest and our recent form had been terrible. Eventually managed to find some sports news on the tv that confirmed it.
  3. Dougan17

    Dougan17 New Member

    Paddy left with a smile as he shook Wenger's hand.

    My favorite memory would be Henry's record breaking goal celebration when he called the whole team over or his celebration after scoring against Juventus when he is running back toward midfield screaming and then he curls over and looks at Juve's bench and goes YES!

    honorable mentions: Jens's save, Fabregas's goal, Pires's tackle, DB10's on Turn Highbury Orange Day, Henry's goal against RM, Cygan's brace :), Toure's goal against Villarreal, Henry's goal against Liverpool, etc.
  4. liridon

    liridon New Member

    there are many memories that i cant forget but some of them are pires missed penalty, fabregas goal against juve, henry's goal against real madrid and save of lehman against Villareal....
  5. lobster

    lobster New Member

    robbie keanes goal and the look on assehole wingers face after what a picture.should be framed and hung .what a lasting memory of the library
  6. KingReyes

    KingReyes New Member Trusted

    Yep that was your cup final wasn't it?

    A draw at Higbury must be on the same level as beating Arsenal in an FA Cup semi final 15 years ago. Something you yids still go on about till now.

    The best moment for me was Jens' save, took us to a European Champions league final. I'm sure the yids missed it though, they were watching Eastenders.
  7. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    My personal favourite would be celebrating Thierry's 2nd goal against Fulham like a lunatic as Thierry ran past me close enough to touch.

    But Lehmann's penalty save, Thierry's equaliser against those hateful c'nts from up the road, Fabregas' Juve goal and the 7-0 against Boro are all there too.
  8. Fella

    Fella New Member

    Performance in madrid
  9. bojed

    bojed AM Resident Joker #1 Trusted

    you lucky chap :lol:
  10. 1970*Gooner

    1970*Gooner Member

    You must have some kind of mental health problem if you think that cheating little slag RK's goal was class, anybody could have tapped that in even that fat git Jol. :roll:
  11. Arnie

    Arnie New Member

    Let's see when has my heart been racing the most, FC Thun, HHenry vs Tottenham, but most of all Juan Roman Requelme vs Mad Jens, what a stupid question it's gotta be that pen!!
  12. regele

    regele New Member

    The Real double and the scurs game
  13. James

    James New Member Elite

    Got to be Jen's penalty save. I felt physically sick when that was given, and i didn't cheer up until the ball was completely cleared. I don't think i've ever been that ecstatic.
  14. gunners_gooner

    gunners_gooner New Member

    The Best Moment is yet to come well i think two of the best moment are still to come arsenal lifting the CL and henry extending his contract
  15. skrilla

    skrilla New Member

    Patricks face (although a legend)

    Lehmanns save

    May 17th
  16. Wheelori

    Wheelori New Member

    There's been so many.

    The perforamnce in Madrid.

    Jen's penalty save.

    The drama of the Wigan semi-final, that's why we love football, jhust a shame we were on the wrong side of that.

    there's been loads.

    Probably one of the many ace European nights though, hopefully the best is yet to come.
  17. Ruslan Matuzau

    Ruslan Matuzau New Member

    Henry lifting up the Champions League cup at Stade de France...
  18. DutchGooner

    DutchGooner New Member

    Got actually 3 moments.

    The best one was the final whistle at the Arsenal v Real match,the 2nd was Real away and the 3rd is remembering Rocky before the Arsenal v Aston Villa match.
    So impressive......
  19. kid_A

    kid_A New Member

    i no this is a stranege one but mine is jens (the god) saving a certian og at anfield.

    jens for priminster!!!!!!!!!!
  20. flaunt

    flaunt New Member Trusted

    There have been a few this year, and I'm sure in the remaining weeks there are many more.

    But I guess the Henry goal against Madrid is there, together with the Lehmann save.

    I'd like to add DB10's perfect goal against WBA. It sums up the very qualities the great man brings to our team.

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