Your best memory of the season to date.

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Gooner for 60 years, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. gunnerGH

    gunnerGH New Member

    Thats a very good one actually. Was a special moment for all arsenal fans. Rocky was a legend to many youngsters and probably and one of the reasons to why we have such a following nowadays.
  2. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    My favourite moment will be the look on Jols face on May 17th.......It will be as red as a boiled lobster. :lol:
  3. gun4glory

    gun4glory New Member

    -Cesc's goal vs Juve
    -Jens's penalty save vs Villarreal
    -Seeing Arsène's and Pat Rice's (I think) reaction at the final wislte vs Villarreal, Toure's too...
  4. Sammer

    Sammer New Member Elite

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  5. kamikaze80

    kamikaze80 New Member Elite

    we're all forgetting jens fingertip save to push rauls shot against the post at highbury. what a crucial stop that was, though most of us didnt realise he was responsible for keeping it out until the replays were shown.
  6. Viper

    Viper Member

    Arsenal's performance against Juventus at Highbury

    Henry's goal against Real Madrid in the Bernabeu

    Henry's double against Sparta Prague to beat Ian Wright's record

    Lehmann's penalty save against Riquelme in the semis

    Toure's first Highbury goal against Villarreal

    Henry's goal and mental celebration against the spuds
  7. agnishevchenko

    agnishevchenko New Member

    7-0 against boro and 2-0 against juve! that tackle by by bobby is still so fresh in my mind!
  8. Allyboy

    Allyboy New Member Elite

    Has to be Henry's goal in the Bernabau.

    I was lucky enough to be there and the atmosphere the whole game was fantastic, but it just went mental when he scored.

    I am quite tempted to go for the 30 minutes we were held back afterwards too, as crazy as that sounds, but I have never seen so much camaradary between Arsenal fans. It was like we were all on the top of the world and united in appreciation of our team, it was a truely magnificant moment.

    The fact that apparently we managed to time our "oh Rocky Rocky" chant for the time when McCoist and Townsend were doing their roundabout just made it all the more poignant.
  9. gunnertilldeath

    gunnertilldeath New Member Elite

    Jens Lehmann's save against villareal. i wept after that game. i wept for joy and wore my tears proudly. Jens is awesome.
  10. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member

    both goals vs juve
    vieiras face after match
    Wenger going nuts at Sp**s game
    henry equaliser

    hopefully these arnt the last memories
  11. cesc18

    cesc18 New Member

    1.the pires tackle on vieira
    2.henry s goal against real
    he looked like he was doing a sprint race to the goal
    just tha there was a ball to be taken along and half a football team trying to stop him
    3.i m not sure which game but cesc pushing lehmann off when he was having a go at an opposition player i think it was juve away and nedved
    it was symbolic ,he was very authoritative
    even though it was an 18 year old telling mad jens to back off and not get himself into trouble
    4. scum fans after may 17th :twisted:
  12. Sammer

    Sammer New Member Elite

    Henry´s goal at the Bernabeu - including Pires´tackle on Paddy

    Jens´save against Riquelme

    Jens save against Raul (save of the season !)

    Henry´s goal against Sp*rs

    Henry´s goal against Sparta Prague (the one with the outside-foot, it was just awesome).
  13. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Henry's goal in Madrid was similar in nature to Maradonas goal in Mexico 86 V England ......heh heh everybody saw him and knew where he was going but no one could do a dam thing to stop him. :D
  14. albakos

    albakos Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you" Administrator

    I'll have to agree to that, and dont go near Jol on 17-th as he will be ****ting his pants during the whole 90 minute Arsenal class display...

    My best moments:
    1. Of course no.1 has to be that save from Jens,
    2. That classic goal from the great Dennis in the "Bergkamp day"
    3. The pure class vs. Boro when we could have made it to 10-0..
    4. Henry's goal vs. Real...
    5. Wenger's and Kolo's joy after Villareal draw...
  15. Exiled In Newcastle

    Exiled In Newcastle New Member

    Avoiding the obvious my top five memories of the season are (in no order)...

    The Rocky tribute video.

    The look on Tony's face when he got to the ground. Tony is a long time supporter who lives in Oz that I managed to sort out a ticket for on his one and only chance to go to a game. Sometimes we forget how special it is.

    Landing at Valencia the other week after being on the plane for 6 hours and being divertedto Gerona and back.

    Watching the Barca/Chelsea match at a Barca fanclub bar in Javea and being adopted when he notcied the Barca and Arsenal badges and I told him I'd worn them in Madrid's stadium!

    The sheer intensity with which Jens had his name chanted after the pen save. Hairs on the back of the neck time.
  16. mariaines

    mariaines New Member

    There's 2 for me:
    1. Arsenal: That wonderful 2nd part at bernabeu. The way you outplayed madrid was amazing.
    2. Barça: The san siro game. Amazing, showed how different we are from the previous season. When i saw guily scoring i could finally breathe and think we were in paris.
    Beating chelsea was good too but they aren't so important as milan so the game in san siro was the most important for me this year.
    And i can't forget the 0-3 victory at the bernabeu and madrid fans cheering ronaldinho.. that was quite a moment too, but san siro was definetly the best.
  17. Pete

    Pete New Member

    Two for me:

    1. Football moment of the season - Henry's goal in the Bernabeu. One of the great goals, away from home, at one of the great stadiums. Real Madrid 0 Arsenal 1 is one of THOSE results and gave me a ****in ragni hard on foe weeks.

    2. Both goals against Juventus. The performance was great, the goals were reat. But what made it deeply memorable was that I stand at the back of one of the flights of steps on the Clock End with a group of fellas and for this game two Juve fans stood just in front of us. They tried to hide their allegiance but their typically Italian cool was a give away. As were the black and white scarves poking out from their jackets. Anyway, when both goals went in we were all over them. It was like a Sex Pistols gig up there. ****in hilarious! They must have finished up halfway down the steps each time the ball went in. When it all settled down again we were in tears. One old boy who stands there was doubled over laughing. A great, great evening.
  18. adjie

    adjie New Member

    Spot On. Nearly forget that one.
    But yup it's one of most important moment this year
  19. Josh27

    Josh27 New Member

    Mine is Henry scoring against Madrid. I just never expected a result (until the game started, and we were all over them)...definetly my moment of the season.
  20. Mr. Hotshot

    Mr. Hotshot New Member

    My favourite moment of the season was when Fabregas scored that goal against Juventus. It started out with Pires with a tackle from behind on our old boy Pat Vieira and then passed to Henry before sliding it to Cesc and our young prodigy cooly slotted the ball past Thuram's legs and then passed the stunned and statued Buffon. Cesc Fabregas on that day really prooved why he's one of the best young players in the world because of his superb calmness. I just simply screamed with joy and tears running down my cheeks because it was just simply remarkable.

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