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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Anonymous, Jul 14, 2004.

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    Bored at work im just thinking of my XI and subs of my favourite arsenal players. This isnt arsenals best 11 in my opinion, just my FAVOURITE players over the past 30 years i have been watching football:

    Seaman - legendary goalkeeper, great person, great sportsman who dedicated his career to arsenal.

    Dixon - an old school arsenal player through and through, i reward his loyalty with my upmost respect.

    Sol - just really like the guy, hes hard, strong, solid and also a sportsman, best centre back in the world who i hope can go on to be our captain.

    Adams - do i really have to explain my reasons?

    Cole - hes my favourite arsenal player at the moment, dont think he gets the recognition he deserves.

    Limpar - For some reason i just used to like him, scored some good goals and was very very unselfish.

    Brady - child hood hero.

    Merson - good player in an average team, the merse was a good bloke who hardly ever is recognised, i just admired him.

    Nicholas - my dad loved him and named me after him, that rubbed off on me and he was another child hood hero.

    Wright - My favourite gooner of all time, out of all gooners we have owned i am most happy with being able to say wrighty was a gooner. Watching old videos of him just makes me miss his bubbly personality and say it how it is attitude. Hope he could come back to the club in some way.

    Charlie George - Another one of my child hood legends.


    Smith - great sportsman and good ambassador for the club, plus scored the winner against parma.

    Rocastle - all round sportsman and nice guy, RIP

    Henry - just cant watch the man without him making me shudder in amazement, just for that hes one of the most liked gooners.

    Parlour - romford ray, another great ambassador and club legend, deserves so much more recognition than he gets.

    Keown - theres only one keown, good player, never gave up, loved the club and showed the manc scum what pride was.

    special mentions to:

    garry lewin - never ever mentioned due to being only a physio, but hes had over 1000 games for arsenal and loads for england, hes always been there and the physio is important, so he deserves a mention.

    Pennant - hopefully he has a chance soon, ive really liked him for ages.

    Toure - still only just flourishing but he is my second favourite gooner in this current team, no doubt soon he will be in my favourite 11.

  2. Henry IV

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    -Mr Reliable, a fantastic goalkeeper.

    - The most underrated member of the back five, was such a polished performer.

    -The legend. 100% Arsenal. Our greatest ever captain.

    -He's one of my favourites at the moment. A bubbly enthusiastic performer who always give his all. Saved us a lot of money in pursuit of a centre-back.

    -A brilliant defender no what anyone else says. I love the way he always clears the ball of the goal line. He's a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and a striker. He gives us so many options down the left hand side.

    -Anders was always strangely exotic because Arsenal, the most British of teams, had this Super Swede in their ranks. He was a smashing player. He scored great goals (the lob against Liverpool) and set up so many. He was an immense talent and capable of doing the unexpected. It's a shame he didn't get on well with GG.

    -Our powerful, majestic skipper. He really drives the team on, competes strongly and never ever gives up. I hope he stays here for the rest of his career and lifts more trophies for us. He's been loyal to the club for eight years which is amazing in this era of mercenaries.

    -I liked him from the moment he joined us. He's a good comeptitor in midfield, protects the defence well, settled in really quickly and comes up and scores important goals. He's always happy too.

    -Super Bob is THE MAN as far as I'm concerned. I was really gutted for him when his knee injury forced him out of the run-in to the Double in 2002. The bowing by his team mates sums up perfectly how I feel about him. It's great to see him firing on all cylinders again and what a goalscorer!

    -Different class.

    -He scores, he creates, he does everything. TH is such an exciting player and he really enjoys playing for the club. He could break Wrighty's record this coming season which would be so spectacular for a player who "isn't really a striker", more of a prolific winger.

    -Tall, prolific, elegant. He scored in many important games during GG's reign (Anfield 1989, Copenhagen 1994)

    -A top bloke. I was really shocked to hear the news of his tragic death. Everyone loved him and they still do.

    -Gilles was an underrated battler in defence and midfield. He came in and did his job well. I was sad when he left the club. I thought we could have used his scrapping at times during the 2002-03 season.

    -Romford Ray. Arsenal through and through. Has improved so much as a player since Wenger came here. I really hope Arsenal will reconsider and offer him a new deal. He sets the tempo well in midfield when we are missing Vieira.

    - "We love you Freddie". The producer of so many great memories in the spring of 2002. He scores in finals, semi finals, and big European nights. A bold, brave performer.
  3. thegreatbriton

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    How could you be named after Charlie Nicholas, yet have Chalrie George and Liam as oyur childhood heroes. Were you pre-emtively named ?

    My team is

    Dixon,Adams,Keown(Battle of Old Trafford ! :D )Nutty (I was nearly named after him)
    Armstrong (although he was before my time) Paddy Merson Overmars (Used to be friends with his girlfriend)
    Wright (GOD) Henry

    Bench Dennis, Pires, Bould, Brady and George (never saw those two in the flesh though)
  4. Arnie

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    Even in todays squad the more likable character is EDU.
  5. beanz

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    Can't fault your choices there guvnor, tho the glaring omission of a certain Villa manager (won't mention him by name in case it upsets you) stands out. :mrgreen:
  6. godfather

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    Sub: Wright, Ljungberg, Keown, Merson, Parlour
  7. Anonymous

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    Sorry made mistake, named after charlie george, not nicholas - middle names charlie.

    Dont worry fella, i had him in my mind the entire time, few years ago he would of been second name i wrote down, however due to his comments i know longer like him, thus his ommision from the favourites team.
  8. Gurgen

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    Great goalkeeper, shame he didn't retire a bit earlier.

    Great RB and a Gunner through and through, even though he was born in Manchester :p

    :D :D :D

    My favourite alcoholic

    Skillfull, hard-working and very very good

    Like him so much I put him in RM to give him a place in the team, I bet he can play there too :)

    Tony Adams in midfield

    No comment

    Fast, lethal, insane dribbling and a superb crosser.


    Jesus the Savior
  9. Sonic Youth

    Sonic Youth New Member

    my favourite 11


    i've been an arsenal fan for 12 years, and he's been in goal in 11 of those seasons.....so no choice +he was the best goalie of the 90s.

    dixon and winterburn
    just great backs. great personalities and arsenal through and through

    mister arsenal, best defender of all time.

    i always thought he was better than keown and the perfect player to team up with adams

    the most skilled left winger i've ever seen

    the brady of this generation. he works his arse of every match has great tackling and passing abilities

    he was one of my arsenal heroes in the early 90s. i still think the way wenger selled him was unprofessional

    he's so enthousiastic and he loves the club and the fans so i love him

    only needed a few chances each match to score goals and he has a great sense of humour

    scores goals, creates chances, lifts up the team, my hero at the moment

    also worth mentioning:

    the guy who got sent off after one minute on his debut and never played for arsenal again- hilarious, he came on in a league cup match, forgot his name though.

    bergkamp, keown, parlour, overmars, anelka (fak the wankers who boo him) and alan smith for that goal against parma.
  10. Pepe LeFrits

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    ..................... Spunky .....................
    Dixon .......... Adams .... Campbell ......... Ash
    ...................... Kolo ......................
    ... Merse ........... Chippy .......... Overmars .
    .................... Bergkamp ....................
    ...................... www ....................... 
  11. The Mini

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    And the point of that addition from Arnie is what?
  12. shaz

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    ------ wright-----------henry-------------
  13. Arsenal1989

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    I think hes one of the gooners who dont like Gilberto.
  14. Irish_Gunner

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    You having a laugh mate?
  15. Allyboy

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  16. AFCG7

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  17. Split

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    Nutty, Cole, Sol, Freddie, Henry, Bergy, Nicholas.

    My childhood favourites that I don't understand now! - Perry Groves and Martyn Hayes

    Also big shout to GARY LEWIN!!! - People laughed at me when I said it made me proud seeing him 'physio-ing' for England!
  18. va_va_voom

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    As much as I love Ash, I can't believe only 2 people have gone for Nutty at left back.
  19. Split

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    I'm surprised noone else has gone for Marwood or Sansom.

    Paul Davis, Michael Thomas anyone?

    Eddie McGoldrik?? :wink:
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