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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Tony Montana, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. maradona

    maradona New Member

    [/All this thread has managed to do is make me feel like one of the oldest gooners around. Cheers

    What was your first time like mate?

    It was 1983 first game of the season against Luton, Charlir Nicholas debut. You know its funny, but back then, your asperatin was to win the FA Cup and perhaps beat Liverpool. They always won the league, you took that for granted. Funny how things mone on!
  2. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana New Member Elite when we won it in 1989 it must having been awesome, literally mind numbing. :lol: I've seen clips of the gooners cheering like mad at Anfield when Michael Thomas scored. Surely won of the best if not the best Arsenal moment ever?
  3. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    Cant remember the year, mid 90s some time.

    The weekend we signed Hartson and Kiwomya(Sp?)

    Game was V Everton, we drew one all, Wrighty scored. Someone was sent off, Schwartz I think, maybe MErson.
  4. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    January 95, I was there.

    Wrighty scored for us fairly early on, then Dave Watson banged a great goal in from about 30 yards. I remember this because I was in the North Bank, behind Seaman's goal, he started to move and stopped, so I thought the ball was going wide (maybe he did too, or maybe he was just beaten) imagine my surprise when the net bulged..

    The player that got sent off was Everton's Duncan Ferguson for lamping/ headbutting (I can't remember which) John Jensen/ Martin Keown (can't remember who).

    As a side note, Martin Keown's performance that day still stands as one of the all time worst I personally witnessed from an Arsenal player
  5. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    Bless your memory RTC.
  6. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite


    Easy to remember that one, we were awful.

    Also, I was in the North Bank, my mate Chris was in the Clock End with his brother and my mates Kev and Luke (Everton fans) were in the East Lower. Luke got "accosted" by an Arsenal fan as they were leaving the ground after the game, poor bloke..
  7. jay-d

    jay-d Member

    My first game was in the early90's sometime and was my 10th or 11th birthday present, it was the last game of the season against Southampton. Wrighty banged a hat trick to win the golden boot from Lineker and I think Smith and Merson got the others. We won 5-1 if my memory serves me correctly and totally played Le Tissier and Co of the park. I really enjoyed myself and remember feeling wierd singing "The referees a wanker" in front of my Uncle and Aunt but it was footy and anything goes. :wink:
  8. Captain

    Captain New Member Elite

  9. Gooner_IL

    Gooner_IL New Member

    My first game was V West Ham 1975/6 we won 6-1 My Grandad took me he was staunch West Ham and said he would never take me to another game again!!!!!!!
  10. Wheelori

    Wheelori New Member

    My first was in Spetember '95 vs West Ham.

    We'd just signed Bergkamp and he hadn't scored yet....he didn't this day either.

    Wrighty missed a penalty infront of the North Bank in the first half, then knocked one bottom left at the Clock end in the second. I was sat North Bank and we all waved goodbye to Julian Dicks as he was sent for an ealry bath.

    I was only 9 at the time....lost my scarf too :( ruined my day actually.

    Ace win though....the very next home game we beat Saints 4-2 and Bergkamp scored a volley and a 25 yard rip-tear.

    ****in ace, every time at Highbury just seems surreal and magic......f'kin love it.
  11. James

    James New Member Elite

    I was there :)

    His second goal that day was unbelievable.
  12. Wheelori

    Wheelori New Member

    Just remember the commentary on MOTD:

    ''And I think the dutchman might just have cracked the Highbury woodwork with that one........absolute rocket''

    Haha, musta been a great day out?
  13. Wheelori

    Wheelori New Member

    actually, and after Bergkamp's first:

    ''I expect the Tottenham lot can hear the roar down the road aswell''
  14. James

    James New Member Elite

    I think everyone was just relieved when he got his first Arsenal goal, especially it being such a great volley as well...he then went one better with that rocket.

    Who was there though when he scored the winner against Bolton which got us into the Uefa Cup? It went ****ing wild when he scored that screamer, boy how our expectations have grown.
  15. Dougan17

    Dougan17 New Member

    the way this season is shaping up it'll be a similar situation though, might come down to a last minute goal or something against wigan to seal it. :)

    It's amazing how many memories people have associated with Highbury. Imagine my frustration just trying to relay that type of thing to people here in the states. It's impossible. I can watch a hundred games of American sports and barely be able to recall specific moments but I feel like I could tell you every moment I saw of each Arsenal match I've seen my entire life, even though only one has been in person.

    At least I got to go once. I'll be able to tell my grandchildren that much at least.
  16. invisibleman18

    invisibleman18 New Member Elite

    I have been lucky enough to go to 1 game at Highbury and 2 Arsenal games in all.
    In October 1999 I made my first, and so far only trip back home to London (my 2nd is coming up during the world cup this year, can't wait!)
    First Arsenal game I got to go to was on the eve of my birthday against Fiorentina in the Champions League at Wembley with my Uncle. Unfortunately it wasn't the best first game as that bastard Batistuta knocked us out of the CL.

    As for Highbury, it was Lee Dixon's testimonial against Real Madrid. Would have loved to go to a proper competitive game, but this was the only 1 I could get tickets for.
    So got to Highbury for the first time, again with my Uncle, spent a bit of time in the shop where I acquired a beanie and scarf and a programme etc. Waited around outside taking a few photos etc and saw the Real Madrid team bus arrive, I actually got a good photo of Roberto Carlos as the bus went past us.

    Then it was into the North Bank. Its an amazing feeling as you walk up the steps and see the pitch and the crowd in the flesh for the first time. This immense feeling came over me like "I'm Home." (a feeling I have only experience on 1 other occasion - a couple of weeks earlier my flight landed at Heathrow).

    First up it was a small game between "England Legends" and "Scotland Legends" where players such as Beardsley, Wilkins and Strachan played. I think it finished 1-1 with Beardsley scoring for us.

    Kickoff for the main event was slightly delayed as apparently Ian Wright who was playing had opened a window in the changing rooms and screamed something like "I'm Back!" and threw all the shirts out to the crowd below (wish I had been there). Someone had to run down to the shop to get a whole new set of shirts printed with names and numbers etc.

    So finally the game got undeway with Dixon of course receiving an amazing reception as he came out onto the field. We won the game 3-1 with goals from Bergkamp, Vieira and Malz (remember him?) and Karembaeu (sp?) scored late on for Real. Ian Wright probably got the biggest cheer as he entered the game late on and Steve Macmanaman also got a warm reception being an English player on the opposition. Anelka had only just transferred to Real and luckily stayed away from this one. It would have ruined the occasion had he played and been booed throughout.

    All in all a great day, and one which I will never forget. At least I got to go once.

    On a side note, when do they start knocking the place down? As I said, I'm making the trip back to London during my June/July Uni holidays during the world cup and would obviously love to go and see both Highbury and Emirates. I wouldn't imagine tours would still be going on then, but will the place at least still be in one piece?
  17. kid_A

    kid_A New Member

    mine was a 1-1 draw with southampton when i former scum player equalised. cant remember the player or the year any ideas?
  18. kid_A

    kid_A New Member

    sorry i mean 'a former'
  19. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    1999 season, I think.
  20. LoneGun

    LoneGun New Member

    26/09/87 vs West Ham United (h) 1-0 (att: 40,127)
    Scorers: Sansom
    Team: Lukic, Thomas, Sansom, S Williams, O'Leary, Adams, Rocastle (Hayes), P Davis, AM Smith, P Groves, Rix

    Stood on the northbank, was a pretty boring match but a late winner from kenny was enough to keep us kids happy :D

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