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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Tony Montana, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. stormtrooper

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    arsenal vs millwall 1988 i think and might of been a FA cup game and the trouble wot was there goin off inside and out side the ground will never for get that game had some big rasta on the tube befor the game saying he was gonna slice my throat open oh happy days
  2. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana New Member Elite

    Was he a fan of Millwall or something?
  3. GillesGrimandi

    GillesGrimandi New Member

    vs man utd last season when we lost 4-2 =(
  4. stormtrooper

    stormtrooper New Member

    yea he was millwall
  5. lars2006

    lars2006 New Member

    Champions-League, last 16, 9/03/2005, vs Bayern Munich – 1:0 (att: 35.463)

    My first (and most probably last visit :( ) to Highbury was pretty much one year ago, when we were kicked out of the champions-league against Bayern Munich.

    It was the 9th of March and I was taking the plain with my twin brother and a couple of friends, who were all Bayern-supporters. Me and my brother had always liked english football in general but had special sympathy for Arsenal, since we considered (and still do :!: ) Dennis Bergkamp as one of the most skillfull and fascinating players in world football. And so we actually paid 220€ (don’t know, how many pounds that is) for our tickets. I must admit, that I don`t know, were they came from: A friend of mine had managed to “organise“ them. :wink: And another 80 € for the flight and our hotel.

    We arrived at noon and were eager to have a look at the “home of football” but first we had to do a bit of sightseeing. Nevertheless we arrived at the Arsenal station about three ours before kickoff and even at that early stage, the excitement was nearly unbearable: everyone seemed to be talking about the match, everyone was optimistic and so were we! I bought an arsenal-scarf, cause I didn`t own a kit at that time, just to feel part of the crowd and when the gates opened, we were one of the first to walk through these red turnstiles. We got tickets for the west stand lower, but our friends were sitting (or rather standing) with the away-fans, which didn`t really bother us to be honest.
    It was that moment, when we entered the stand and got the first real glimps of the turf, the clock-end, the north-stand and everything we only read about beforehand, that my brother and I became true Arsenal fans!
    Everyone of us should be grateful, that we have chosen the best side of all the sides in football! I don`t even dare to think about what would have happened, if Bayern were facing ManU or Liverpool that night …

    So back to the game itself: Thanks to the Toure-goal in Munich, we needed to make it 2:0 and we would have been through, which didn`t seem too much to ask for.
    But at halftime it was a goalless draw. It was entertaining though, because english supporters are a lot different from the ones here in Germany:
    First of all: You guys swear a lot! I already knew this (having read Fever Pitch of course), but its another experience if you are within the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I think it`s awesome! Another great thing is. That you cheer up your players by calling their first names: “Come on Dennis!” or “Get back Thierry!” – wonderfull! :lol:

    So actually me and my brother were in dreamland already, when Thierry scored the first (sadly the last too) goal, a perfect-Henry-goal, left side in the box into the far corner. Then Highbury was buzzing with excitement. We needed only one more and the trip would have been perfect but, as you all know, the scoreline was 1:0.

    Anyway, since that day, I choose Arsenal to be my number one football club and I have never regretted this decision so far…

    A German Gooner
  6. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana New Member Elite

    Nice one! Never knew Germans don't swear, neither did I know it's weird to call footballers by their first name.

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