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Youri Tielemans

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Arsenal should should just stick to unknown 20 year olds who tuck their shirts in so the fanbase can collectively jizz every time they get on the pitch and clap the fans with pashun.

Youri claps the fans a lot tbf.


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I went on a Leicester forum and they all reckon he should be going for a much bigger club the Arsenal like Bayern, United, Juve, PSG, Barce, Real and then someone included Chelsea. Bit of a recency bias there.

Is he even that good though? Or can they just not get their heads around the fact we're a bigger club than them?
Definitely the latter. Arsenal would be a good move for him.

He wouldn’t be a guaranteed starter at City, PSG and Bayern imo they have lots of quality. It would be a bit of a coup for us though, he shouldn’t even look at us unless we are in the CL.


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While he would be an excellent addition, this seems a non-starter unless we can offer Champions League football. There is no incentive for him to move now. He'll be in a stronger position in the summer.


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AFC going after an actual proven PL player!

What is the catch? Do we need to sacrifice first-borns?


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I'm skeptical but pulling this off in January would show a lot of ambition and should give the board quite a bit of good will after an excellent summer window, imo.


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Watched him play for my national team. Rubbish player. Wouldn't want him here at all.


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Can’t believe some people do not want him at Arsenal. Even at £50m he’s a better deal than dropping €45m on Bruno.

He brings Ramsey level goals from midfield, but is mobile and disciplined with it. Played in CL and PL. no brainer for me.


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Has anyone been watching Leicester lately? They've been poor for their standards and Tielemans has not been great. He is good and talented but for me I would rather go for Ruben Neves.
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