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Youri Tielemans


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How would that be a challenge, persuading him how he gets ahead of those players? There's a good player, a **** player and a donkey striker in that list.

The question would be more about what system do they play. If its a 433 its very easy, but not the right profile if they go for a double pivot as you can't play Tielemans and Bruno as the double pivot probably.

The donkey striker has turned into a very dangerous box to box midfielder under Howe.

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The donkey striker has turned into a very dangerous box to box midfielder under Howe.
Yes he was a great option for a team battling relegation and would be a great option on the bench for a side aspiring to climb the table and get into Europe.

As a starter? Not sure about that, maybe they need to fix other areas first this summer but Joelinton can't touch someone like Tielemans.


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Yeah that would be the challenge… and not convincing a bloke who has been holding out for a move to one of Europe’s big clubs and to play in Europe, to move to a team that’s going to be years away from doing diddly squat.

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I didn't read any reliable report about other teams interest. It seem only us whole summer.

Utd Sp**s and Newcastle interested have been not reported by anyone.

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About Tielemans signing new contract it might come in September if he didn't get his move. He not in rush

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Hold up, we're not signing this lard arse ****er??? ****ING GET IN!!!!! Haven't celebrated this much since Lehmann saved Riquelmes penalty.


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No way he signs a new contract with Leicester unless it has a low clause to sell him.

Right now they'll have to offer him 200-300k a week to sign because that's what he'll get on the open market. It might be what he's planning to do anyway. Just run the contract down and get a huge signing on fee.


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Lock this thread up please, there are absolutely no links to suggest we're making a move anytime soon. Only transfer threads I want to see open at Martinez and Edu's Summer BBQ favorites thread.


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Tielemans is a smart guy, smart enough to wait for UCL top clubs I think. But also smart enough to know that going to United is a huge risk currently compared to us. Also he seems the kind of guy who prefers London a lot.

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