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I think the same, putting the guy in jail won't teach him how to respect people. Could cause even anger towards society. Community jobs and some course about that would be much better. Complete it with a fine and public apologies and that's it. Going to jail it's exaggeration.

Frankly couldn't care less about his punishment. He's not the victim.


You're wrong, no?
The Brighton fans absolutely love Bissouma though, if you read their forums (last year at least) they had him head and shoulders above as their best player. Agree though, I don't think he has a great passing range, that's one of his blind spots for sure.

Most Wolves fans seem to really rate Neves as well tbf
Do we really need a great passing range for this position? Most of our issues there come from players being unable to deal with the press and some defensive struggles we see with Xhaka, Bissouma would help us with that for sure.

I mean, it's great to think that there are great DMC's/CM's out there with skills of Pirlo, Cazorla, and Makelele combined, but if a player like that exists, he won't play for Arsenal I'm afraid


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There is certainly some possibility for us to get him in this transfer windows. Yet, we wasted 23 days for Arthur, while we could submit an offer in the region 35-40 million and have him. Just look at Aston Villa and how efficient they are in the transfer market.

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