Zlatan Ibrahimović

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Mckenna, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. longrufus

    longrufus New Member Elite

    And to think, we could of had Zlatan for peanuts. Am i the only one who remembers this by the way? Its weird to think of the players we could of had if things had worked out.
  2. Paddy from Sweden

    Paddy from Sweden New Member

    Back when we were interested in Zlatan he still played in Sweden and AW wanted him to have a trial at the club. He refused that because he thought he was too big a player to go down that route.

    Zlatan will never come to Arsenal. That's nearly a fact. His ego is too big and to be honest we're not a team that matches his ego.
  3. longrufus

    longrufus New Member Elite

    I remember reading at the time, when he came over to talk to wenger, a shirt was even printed with his name on it.
    And thats the closest he will ever come. Only clubs big enough for him are Juve, Barca or Real.
  4. shaz

    shaz New Member

    **** zlatan, i hate that arrogant bastard
  5. Mostarac

    Mostarac New Member Trusted

    Haha, that is the most idiotic rumour posted in here. First of all, Ibrahimovic has just signed a new contract with Juventus. Second of all, why the **** would he leave one of the biggest and best clubs in Europe in favour of Arsenal who are playing really disappointing this season. And third of all, he would not suit our playing style. Ibrahimovic does not get the goals as he plays just behind Trezeguet, his tricks and playing style are really ineffective. We need a goalscorer if Thierry Henry leaves, not a "second-striker". If you want to spend £45 million on an fantastic(and much better player than Ibrahimovic) striker with the same role as Ibrahimovic plays right now for Juventus, then Totti should be the first-choice, but that is even more unlikely to happen.
  6. Mostarac

    Mostarac New Member Trusted

    To be honest, your Ibrahimovic-bias is starting to look really RIDICULOUS. I can understand why you like him so much, you are Swedish and he is Sweden`s best player right now, but to be so biased about an player who is not even a "pure" Swede, is just stupid.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  8. Mostarac

    Mostarac New Member Trusted

  9. Viper

    Viper Member

    My thoughts exactly.

    According to this article, which I admit has no source but has to have come from somewhere, Arsenal are ready to blow £45m on Zlatan Ibrahimovic and dump Thierry Henry for £30m+.

    Thats when I stopped reading. It would make more sense if the article was about Torres, with a £20 millionish bid though :p
  10. chachacallis

    chachacallis New Member

  11. Army of Me

    Army of Me New Member Elite

    well i was thinking more along the lines of a hat of some sort, but i'm so convinced this will never happen i'm prepared to go out on a limb... if big zlatan ever signs for arsenal, i'll chow down on some man meat.
  12. Canuck

    Canuck New Member Elite

    At least not until Zlatan signs...
  13. zerofeel

    zerofeel New Member

    Zlatan for Arsenal a possibility if Arsenal is as rich as Chelski but it wont happen because it doesnt make much financial sense to spend that amount on him.Wenger will never allow himself to be bullied by pricetags on players he likes.

    With that kind of money,i reckon Wenger will use it wisely to buy more youths lol
  14. Gunner_DJ

    Gunner_DJ New Member

    Zlatan is happy at Juve and why leave a winning side for a transitional side? Sense? Where?

    That's a good example of something you'd only experience in Fifa 2006( or any other game)
  15. Henry_Pires

    Henry_Pires New Member

    Either Zlatan or Torres will be fine fo rme if Henry choose to leave.

    Zlatan has amazing skills.
  16. jacc_7_1

    jacc_7_1 New Member

    i would rather we xhange henry with eto'o...
  17. siddharth

    siddharth New Member

    Locking this will be a mild action. This thread should be wiped out coz even it's entries can't be tolerated on the database. What a load on nonsense.
  18. Henry_Pires

    Henry_Pires New Member

    Rumors are sometimes good for the club to motivate the players.
  19. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    Heh, a rumour too moronic for the transfer forum. Aweseome.

    Yeah, I bet Zlatan is itching to escape Juve for Arsenal, and Arsenal are signing a cheque for £45m as we speak.

    Jesus :lol:
  20. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    It would really help improve the quality of the transfer forum if people would just ask themselves 'why would player X, playing for a club that is 4365346 times bigger and better, join Arsenal?' before posting this dog poo.
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