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Us Arsenal fans are experiencing an absolutely extraordinary season at the minute, and if all goes well we can continue with this performance until the end of the season. For those of us that also have an interest in betting, this season has been even more entertaining than usual. But betting on the team you support is something that should be approached with great care. 

Even if one should always be cautious when placing bets this becomes of extra importance if placing bets on the team you support. In this text, we’re going to go through some important things to keep in mind when betting on the team you support, as without clear strategies this can quickly lead to less-than-ideal results. You can read more about betting in the premier league at this link, but in this text, we’re going to share some pointers. 

Do your research   

If you’re dedicated to Arsenal enough to be reading this website, you are more than likely to also watch the 90 minutes of every game. Before you start betting on your favourite team, research what kind of bets you can make, are there any injured players at the moment that might affect the game’s outcome and so on. This is something that can help you get the most out of your betting experience.  

Avoid betting large sums on Arsenal   

If you’re new to betting, it goes without saying that the best way to start is to start small. By making small bets, such as, betting who is going to be the overall winner of the game, allows you to figure out what type of betting you like the most. Furthermore, while you’re learning about betting and making smaller bets you don’t get too overwhelmed and have more freedom to experiment with other types of bets and their odds before fully committing.

Opt for betting on individual players 

Even if betting on a win is less than advisable, some people instead opt to bet on individual players and how they’re going to perform. This can take away some of the anxiety that is often coupled with betting and is something to consider. Winning or losing then doesn’t matter for the sake of the bet that you’ve placed, and it also adds a little bit of extra excitement to the game. Whether it’s how many penalties Jorginho will place in the net or the amount of assists Ødegaard can provide during the season, they are always an interesting bet. 

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