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The Premier League is always passionate on the pitch, with conflicts and famous derbies. This is why we love football, especially regarding the final stage of the PL. For football fans, this series is another tournament between the best teams in England and an opportunity to visit famous places and stadiums.

It is also worth noting the active growth of gambling because despite various interesting matches, for example, Liverpool -– Manchester United, the final stage is much more enjoyable. Therefore, football fans have been traveling both offline and online for a long time, looking for the best bookmaker sites with various online pokies to spend time with benefit and pleasure.

Where to Stay: Motels, Campsites or Rentals

The period of the Premier League final is the time when the demand for housing grows 5 times. In addition to the usual tourists who regularly visit various cities in England, no one forgets the large number of football fans. Some of them are local residents, while others have come from other cities or countries to watch the match of their favourite team.

So finding accommodation or a place to sleep is very important. While the streets of England may seem safe, it’s better not to stay insolent in the open air. Some of the most popular and inexpensive motel franchises are:

  • Travel Inn;
  • Travel Lodge;
  • Holiday Inn Express.

These places can be found throughout England in different areas. Their peculiarity is that they are not expensive and quite decent, even despite the large number of people who check in and out every day. The average price for a room is 50-60 £, which can accommodate 3-4 people.

Campsites and Tour Bases

Although England is famous for its rains and Foggy Albion, spring still dominates and brings warmth to the country. Therefore, various campsites and tour bases are gaining popularity, which are much cheaper than motels and can accommodate much more people. But always pay attention to the location of the Premier League matches, as the tour bases may be too far from the stadium or even absent from the city.

With campsites, the situation is completely different; very often they can be found in the options of various hostels. In this case, you will be offered a roofed tent for only £6-10, with additional features such as breakfast, showers and laundry.

Rental Housing

The closer the Premier League final, the higher the prices for rental housing, and nothing can be done about it. If you are ready to pay from 200 to 600 £ for accommodation, feel free to do it. Otherwise, it is best to find a place at a lower price. Although many football fans offer discounts, various agencies only increase the amount. Therefore, if you managed to snatch an apartment or a house near the stadium for a small price, you are very lucky.

What to Do: Only Football and Bars

If you are going to England during the Premier League not for football and the performance of the best teams, it is better to choose another time. But those who want to combine football and maybe some tourist desires England is always ready to provide it.

First of all, these are bars, of which there are as many in England as there are pizzerias in Italy. It will take too long to list everything, so we will highlight the top 3.

  • One of the most famous is World’s End, which gathers inside fans of various sports, and not only football. Inside the bar, everything is done in the best tradition of English sports. Various paraphernalia, craft beer, crowds of fans and close proximity to one of the famous stadiums make this place a must have to visit.
  • The Clapham Grand is an amazing place. This is not just a bar, but a whole building inside which there are other institutions such as a theater, a nightclub, etc. Therefore, if you pass by 21–25 St. John’s Hill is a must-visit bar, or maybe theater, who knows.
  • The Gunners Bar. The alma mater of Arsenal As well as World’s End, the bar is close to the stadium, which makes the place very convenient to visit. Inside the bar is filled with a huge amount of club paraphernalia: T-shirts of the first players, autographs, photos of FC members with owners, etc.

In addition to bars, the streets of England are filled with various restaurants of local cuisine. But for a more spiritual getaway for fans, the various museums of their favorite FCs are always open.


The start of the Premier League will begin soon, so our team will follow all the news and keep you informed. As we wrote earlier, “the jigsaw piece is fitting together”, so we are looking forward to the start of the English derby.

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