Date:14th August 2009 at 7:31am
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The Gooner Review 2008/09 by Double D Productions is an end-of-season review which brings together names of varying degrees of repute to discuss the ten most important moments of the previous season. The ten moments are linked together by Paul Kaye, nee Dennis Pennis, who interjects various Spurs jokes in a rather stilted manner.

The first impression of this show is that it is reasonably low budget. This is mainly due to the graphics looking like they are from the 1980s. However, once the review gets to the point, the graphics become secondary to the content as various talking heads are introduced to air their largely disappointed views on Arsenal’s role in the season just gone.

Of the pundits, Nick Hornby, Tom Watt and Amy Lawrence are the most cerebral and offer up the best insight into the mindset of Arsenal fans who are becoming accustomed to the pay-off between losing trophies and fostering the best youth system in the UK certainly and, quite possibly, the world. There is an array of ex-players, such as the legends Bob Wilson and Peter Marinello, and Perry Groves, along with die-hard fans and minor celebrities such as Judge Jules, David Soul and Shovell from M People.

Shovell is a revelation. He starts as rather grating and inarticulate, before his enthusiasm starts to rub-off on you and every time he appears back on the camera you know that, even if you support another team, you’ll be able to relate to everything he is saying. At the other end of the scale is David Soul, who appears to only be there to bump up the celebrity quota. He adds little of note and seems to be rapidly transforming into William Shatner.

The review suffers from the unfortunate inability to gain rights to showing any actual footage as it excludes casual “Gooners” who may not have the same recall of these vital moments. If the makers can somehow manage to add clips to the review next season it would add a lot to the overall quality of the show. Although, conversely, it may also mean that there is less said that is of any interest.

Another good addition to the review would be a preview of the new season, possibly with predictions, which can be referred to at the end of the next season..

Overall, the review offers a lot that is of interest, giving a good idea of what it is like to be a fan of this most enigmatic of football clubs, and is also an enjoyable watch.

Watch the trailer below.

The DVD is available for purchase from the official site. The Double D team are also looking to actively involve more fans in the review for the 2009/10 season, and fan contributions are most welcome.