Arsenal's Emirates Stadium Date: 20th April 2024 at 8:18am
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Ahead of tonight’s match versus Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux Stadium in the Premier League, I’ve looked at our forum, Arsenal Talk, to see what supporters are saying ahead of the game.

You can have your say on tonight’s match on the forum here. The match is live at 19:30 on Sky Sports Main Event, Premier League and Ultra HDR and the referee is Paul Tierney.

LookingForEric: “We’ve been very good away from home in the league recently. We still hardly concede and hopefully, even if we’re shattered we can keep out wolves for 90 minutes.”

Nunowoolmez: “Not feeling good about this. Historically with Teta we struggle to deal with tough losses & we’ve had 2 on the bounce. The cracks are showing.”

db10_therza: “Going to be at 30,000 feet missing this game. Which is for the best really, I am 80% sure Mik will play Havertz in midfield again and we all (should) know how that will end. It’s like the more you back him into a corner the more he sticks to his guns no matter how faulty they have proven to be. The Havertz midfield experiment has become the hill he will die on.

Except he won’t die.

He just won’t die.”

SA Gunner: “Worried about our confidence at the moment.

People expect us to fall here, the boys don’t want to. Who will prevail?

One thing I’ve underestimated this season is experience and dealing with pressure. These are tough times but the boys are learning and will come back stronger.

I’m hoping we can push through and win it.

Wolves 0-1 Arsenal.”


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