Date: 27th February 2018 at 7:42pm
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Following another disappointing week for Arsenal fans, the cry for “Wenger Out” has come back into the headlines. While this is understandable, it is very unclear whether Wenger will walk away this summer and if he does, who will be brought in to replace him.

Over the previous few years there has been plenty of speculation at over who will be brought in to replace the Gunners manager if he does decide to eventually step down. Names like Eddie Howe, Mikel Arteta, and Massimiliano Allegri have all been thrown around at one time or another. However, with Wenger’s time at the club seemingly coming to end if not this year, most likely next year after his contract expires, we look at the top three candidates to replace him.

One man tipped for the job is former Bayern-Munich boss Carlo Ancelotti. This is a sensible replacement for Wenger because Ancelotti has plenty of managerial experience and has featured in the Premier League before as Chelsea manager. Having won multiple different Domestic and Champions League titles, he might just be the perfect short-term replacement for Arsenal. Someone who can come in, get the team playing good football while a longer term manager target is established.

Current Germany gaffer Joachim Low is another name that has come up as a viable replacement. Having done such a good job with Germany, it is not surprise he is a name that is being tossed around. Low has a very attacking minded style of play which is similar to the Gunners’ philosophy under Wenger. However, Low has been known for creating very durable and tough to beat defences, which is one part of Arsenal’s game that needs to be fixed.

A third option that the Gunners have is their former midfielder and captain Patrick Vieira. Vieira has been coaching in the MLS for the past few years and is seemingly ready for a new challenge. Having played for Arsenal and in the Premier League he knows the kind of football that needs to be played to succeed. He is a name who can be respected by the players, and will demand the best from his players like he did when he was captain. He also is a man with a lot of love for the club and will do everything he can to succeed and keep the atmosphere that Wenger created when he arrived.

Out of all these options I think Arsenal should gamble on Vieira. He is a man who is just starting his managerial career and so far has done well in the MLS. He has always been up for a challenge and returning to Arsenal is something that he would dream of. He could bring much needed passion and discipline to a spineless team. Most importantly he understands the history of the club and will realize how important it is to make changes to the way the Gunners are currently playing.