Date: 3rd November 2007 at 7:40am
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Not an easy task this time around and to consider such a big game at the Emirates Stadium, this is not just a grudge match between the two teams, but the rivalries between their fans with passion is inevitable.

This game will not only show us who the better team is, but also, for the fact that we are tied head-to-head on the Premiership table, thus should we win, it could be the turning point in the season. A defeat to any of these two teams will dent their confidence and I say, we should be on the winning side.

Going through to one of the largest Manchester United fans forum at RedCafe, RC8 helped out to post these questions.

Do you feel confident about winning the title this season?

No, with Arsenal constantly showing their quality and winning games, even away, see that you are a team that can last a whole season and go all the way. Also, Liverpool may end up being knocked out of the CL, giving them greater options for the league, and Chelsea have only just found their form. – Suprah™

Yes. No disrespect to Arsenal but certainly they have proved a lot of people wrong so far. – Striker10

How far do you think you’ll get in the Champions League, FA Cup and Carling Cup?

We got knocked out of the Mickey Mouse Cup, but I think that we’ll get to the finals of the FA Cup and Champions League. Last year we missed out narrowly on both, but there is no reason why we, with a healthy first XI (especially in defence), shouldn’t win one of the two or at least make a very good challenge for both. – Suprah™

I think we could win the Champions League. We’re very strong in midfield this year and as long as we can keep people fit I think the Kiev performance will give the players confidence away from home. The other two I would say Arsenal for the Fa Cup and the Carling Cup is anyone’s guess. I’ve not followed it since United lost to Coventry. – Striker10

You can never be certain but I feel more confident of winning it this season than I have for many years. – Sam Atherton

Moreso than the first question, one can never predict the Champions League, not even Liverpool fans thought they could win it the other year. Again, I think we are extremely well equipped for a run at the cup this year but it all comes down to the timing of injuries suspensions and the refereeing decisions between the top European clubs. Basically we have as good a chance as ever.

FA Cup we should be there or there abouts and Carling Cup we are out. – Sam Atherton

Out of your newly-acquired players, which one has impressed you the most?

Anderson has impressed me most. Some might say Tevez, but I disagree. What amazes me is the composure and speed at which he makes his passes. He plays at such a speed that he never gives the opposition defence a chance to reset their backline or adjust. He’s probably been the difference between all those boring 1-0 wins too. Unlike Scholes this season he pushes up, and instead of just spraying passes from the halfway line, he becomes a true attacking option around the 18, which Scholes hasn’t been doing. – Suprah™

I think Nani has. He’s still very raw but his shooting and his general play have been good but you also get the feeling there’s lots more to come from him. Anderson and Tevez I think people were more confident about – Hargreaves has hardly played sadly. – Striker10

Recently Anderson, I’m not saying he has been the best player but certainly the most impressive with regards to his expectation levels. He has shown maturity that is rare for one of his age (similar to Fabregas in that respect). Hopefully you lot will see that on Saturday. – Sam Atherton

Where do you think Arsenal will finish this season?

1st-3rd – Suprah™

Second place. Today is a massive game for both teams and I’m sure both sets of fans fancy their chances the way we’re both playing. – Striker10

2nd or 3rd. – Sam Atherton

Who will be your most dangerous player this weekend?

Probably Rooney. He’s being playing very well, and his goalscoring record against Arsenal is self-explanatory. – Suprah™

I think it will be Ronaldo just because he was off-form last game , he’ll want to put on a good show and I fancy him to score. – Striker10

Rooney. – Sam Atherton

Who do you reckon will be the most dangerous Arsenal player in this game?

If Hargreaves isn’t on his game, then Fabregas, but I think that people underestimate Hleb too much. I’ve watched him this year, and he seems a tricky player with pace and passing ability. He’s got a good relationship with Cesc, and he seems to have the ability to dribble 2-3 players at once. It could also be Adebayor who, with his height and goalscoring touch, can cause tons of problems for Rio and Vidic. – Suprah™

A lot of good players but I like Hleb. Diaby’s a good player but I’m not sure if he’s playing / fit so him though Clichy impresses me. – Striker10

Adebayor, a real nuisance and with van Persie out your main goalscoring threat. A lot will rest on his finishing and our defending. – Sam Atherton

Scholes got injured recently. How do you think this will affect your performance?

Anderson looks like he can slot in perfectly for Scholes. Him and Hargreaves seem like they can develop a partnership in the absence of Scholes, and the best litmus test for such a midfield can only come against the best sides, like Arsenal. – Suprah™

I don’t think it will as crazy as it sounds. I think Andersons really come on in the last few games and with Carrick, Hargreaves back we still have a threat about us. It’s been two games in since his injury and we’ve won both convincingly so not happy but it’s certainly manageable. – Striker10

Any team would miss Scholes but providing our other midfielders are fit then I think we can cope. It will just give Anderson a prolonged chance to prove himself or Carrick a better chance of regaining form after is injury. Also it should ensure that Scholesey is fit for the crunch games at the latter end of the season. – Sam Atherton

The Tevez-Rooney partnership is starting to deliver. Do you think it will work in the long term?

Yes, I think that Rooney is a lot like a Henry-mould striker. He’s able to pass very well, but can slot into that centre forward role and score goals. Also, Rooney has worked hard on his heading ability, and has a great leap for a small striker. If you watched most the goals, they were played on the ground, where we usually command play against other teams. When the ball is on the ground Rooney and Tevez will be able to construct plays and goals galore. – Suprah™

Yes. As they face different opponents they’ll get better with that experience and they’re great players now but they’re still both young so they’ll keep on improving . – Striker10

If it works now then, surely their understanding can only get better with time??? – Sam Atherton

Which line-up are we most likely to see?

van der Sar, Brown-Rio-Vidic-Evra, Ronaldo-Hargreaves-Anderson-Giggs, Rooney-Tevez – Suprah™

van der Sar, Evra-Vidic-Ferdinand-Brown, Giggs-Hargreaves-Anderson-Ronaldo, Tevez-Rooney – Striker10

van der Sar, Brown-Rio-Vidic-Evra, Ronaldo-Hargreaves-Anderson-Giggs, Rooney-Tevez – Sam Atherton

Care to predict the score?

2-1 or 3-2 to either side. – Suprah™

I think it could be a draw but I’m hopefully we’ll sneak it. – Striker10

3-1 to Manchester United. – Sam Atherton

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