Arsenal's Emirates Stadium Date: 28th March 2024 at 9:50am
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Ahead of Sunday’s match versus Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium in the Premier League, I’ve taken a look at our forum, Arsenal Talk, to see what supporters are saying ahead of the game.

You can have your say on Sunday’s match on the forum here. This match is live on Sky Sports Main Event, Premier League and Ultra HDR and the referee is Anthony Taylor.

Dennis_Bergkamp_10: “This is it. If we want to win the league we’ve got to give a performance that merits champions. Not many clubs go to the Etihad and perform. City as well will see this as a must-win, given Liverpool’s easier schedule.

Wonder which Arsenal team will show up? The dominant one that grabs you by the throat or the one sitting back like we did at Porto with no shots on target.”

El Duderino: “On the face of it, you’d take a point and go home happy.

But given City’s propensity to go on winning streaks much like the one we’re currently under, playing to actually win this is probably the right call.

Would be a massive boost and put us firmly as the current favourites.

It’s a risk, especially since we’re usually slow starters after an international break, but I just think it’s time to put on the big boy pants.”

SA Gunner: “Whoever gets the goal first, will get a huge advantage in this game. Because chasing the game against Arsenal, City or Liverpool means you have to take more risks defensively, and even if you take your time to get back into the game, it’s still not a position you want to be in against the top 3 sides.

Arteta needs to do something different tactically, not seen before and that can catch City out, even for a moment. If we remember last season at the Etihad, it was that on-field swap between De Bruyne and Haaland that bamboozled our defence. If we remember, it was De Bruyne scoring, and Haaland providing the assist for the first goal, and I’d say the opposite was expected by our defense and our man-to-man markers. De Bruyne was expected to assist and hence was less marked than Haaland.

In the Emirates game earlier this season, we had Havertz and Tomiyasu push up to occupy their defenders and win the aerial ball for the knockdown. It was something that Arteta substituted TP5 and Tomiyasu on for specifically. Something like this will be needed again on the day.

A draw is not the end of the world, but I think a win is important here. Its going to be very difficult of course, but this is exactly the game you perform in to send a message to the dressing room (in a potential semi-final second leg) and the rest of the league as well.

Think we’ll win this one, it will be a tight 0-1 or 1-2.”


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