Date: 14th July 2005 at 2:43pm
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Sorry for the lack of updates – it is, of course, life that says that the exact time you try and post something last night on this very fine site, it breaks and you cannae! So after an amazing weekend of 26 degrees, merciless sunshine, 3 hours sleep in a stifling tent, splashing on the factor 35 and the Godfather Of Soul, it’s back to monotony! Top.

It’s now that time of the summer when all the rumours have burned themselves out – the threads have run to 50 pages, people have mysteriously changed their minds from Baptista being the saviour of the football club one week to a treacherous sneaky overrated sellout the next and Paddy Vieira’s on the back pages. Spiffing.

I think it is unwise to read anything into these Vieira stories – from here it looks like he’s away, but you hadly need telling it has looked that way for four years straight and attempting to predict anything is sadly a dead certain route into a brick wall. I couldn’t care less one way or the other. I invested all remaining emotion in the guy the last two off-seasons and can’t pretend to care much this time. If he goes, it’ll be for the right deal, and if he stays then great. So what. It’s all very well caling him names and speculating on his motives and complaining about the amount of cash involved, but it’s not as if it hasn’t all already been ranted about over and over – recently at that.

The one thing that can be said is, if true, that at least this deal has seemingly been done with dignity by all parties without much yelping in the rags, or the kind of bitterness and reisgnation that Fungus’ press conferences concerning Rio have descended into of late. If Vieira was to go it doesn’t, to me, in any way alter the legend that he is, and it won’t alter the gaffers uncanny ability to replace players – anyone.

I liked Maurinhos’ press conference the other day (cameras excluded of course!) if only because it demonstrates better than anything so far what a childish streak the man has beneath all the suave. I could listen to the guy all day long in fairness, but that doesn’t exactly say anything much about him as a person – very very drunk people crack me up. Chavs crack me up. So what? He is one of those people that commands your attention, and then likes to bullshit an awful lot. There’s one thing I do know. Based on last season, Arsène has the total measure on their club – both tactical and attitude. Watch us dominate their midfield with probably our fourth choice selection at Highbury! We should have wrapped up six points; Henry going round Cech and missing showed you that ther ewas just no way they could NOT win the league. Píres hitting the bar in the return. Píres getting his angles wrong on a perfect dropping ball at the near post. Gallas’ handball that never got seen. It all adds up to the point where I personally, am not bothered about them whatsoever – it’s us throwing points away against journeymen we want to worry about!

Saw the team sheet for the Barnet game yesterday which was impressive enough – Henry, Bergkamp, Reyes, Lauren…I still have the fear that one of their players will try and gain revenge for what Crazy Pascal did the other year – being given the runaround? Simple! [crack] What a guy.


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