1. C

    Study on ArsenalFanTV!

    Hi everyone, I am a masters student and I'm currently running a research project on the rise of unofficial football fan channels on YouTube like ArsenalFanTV etc. My study is going to be contributing to a growing body of work on YouTube and social media in sport. I could really use your...
  2. bingobob

    Nemanja Matic Every link (no matter how poor) deserves a discussion. Excellent addition if true. Not so excellent with the Ox going in the other direction.
  3. M

    Fifa 17 help

    Okay I'll just explain I am starting a career in Fifa 17 as allegri taking over arsenal, few players I wanted to bring in but I like to keep it realistic as possible wondered how actual arsenal fans would feel about 1 or 2 of them, Martial from man Utd Rakitic from Barca Jese from psg Also...
  4. M

    What is the issue?

    Hi everyone, Just signed up & this is my first post. I was just wondering about the situation with the arsenal transfers. I dont pay too much interest in other clubs transfers & if they dont sign most rumoured players. Anyway when i watch arsenal & after another unsuccessful season to me & Im...
  5. Lollipoppins

    Maycon de Andrade Barberan Being reported by the Metro as well and a couple Brazilian newsies. Yeah not the most reliable i know.
  6. hydrofluoric acid

    Daley Blind

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