10 million this close season for the best squad in the world

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Anonymous, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    this close season we could spend a mere 10 mill and have the greatest SQUAD, as well as our already greatest first 11, in the world.
    yes we could splash out on a big player, but after reyes signing we dont need to do it again for a few years, until the stadium is up and running. kluivert is a good buy for 3 mill, but his wages are far to high and he has a **** temperament.
    i would buy the following - wright-phillips and mexes. you could probably get them for around 10 million !! and also bring back pennant.

    this would give us a great squad, just look......





    24 man squad, perfect.

    i have added kanu, even though there is doubt, we wont get much money for him, and he says he wants to stay, so instead of breaking the bank on a new striker we can have kanu as back up to reyes and henry and bergy. and also groam ali and bentley.

    this squad is good for many reasons, the defence will be even stronger than this year. with toure,cygan,mexes,sol all capable in the centre, lauren,kolo,hoyte and also wrighty all able at right back. and clichy and cole left backs.

    midfield we would have lots more options. with 4 attacking players (bobby,freddie,pennant,wrighty) and 3 holding players, edu,paddy and gilberto. we would have pennant,freddie and wrighty all available on the left. edu, ****berto and vieira all in the centre, and bobby can be backed up by clichy.

    up front we have henry,reyes, solid attack, with bergys experience for one more year. kanu also experienced and can play if needed. ali and bentley both huge talents. and i think ali will be a key forward next season for us !!

    another solid thing with this squad is that we have so many versatile players. wrighty-phillips will be like clichy but on the right hand side - able to play left back or left mid. determined and quality. kolo can play centre or right back. and to help our attack if needed, we can put pennant or freddie up front, who are both goal scorers.
    this squad is great in my opinion and wont cost us much this close season !!!

    my team from the squad would be -


    toure sol mexes cole

    freddie vieira edu pires

    reyes henry

    subs = lauren,pennant,bergy,wrighty,clichy

    back ups = gilberto,bentley,kanu,hoyte,aliadiere

    what do you think ???
  2. vin de guerre

    vin de guerre New Member

    boring boring. just give me the 10 mill and I'll show how to useit wisely.
  3. lewdikris

    lewdikris New Member Elite

    You've left out Senderos and Parlour!

    Mexes won't be bought because of Senderos - who's more highly rated than him anyways.

    And I think Parlour will have another season before Cesc and Bentley are ready to assume responsibility in the centre (Cesc) and on the right (Bentley).

    The only thing I wonder is whether Silva - who's now undoubtedly behind Edu in the pecking order - will stay longterm. A world-cup winning midfielder is unlikely to want to be second choice, and he's no right winger. Again, this might be a question for the year after this, but there may be a gap in centre-mid in the future, with Tiago, who we've been linked with, and Yaya Toure as obvious replacements.
  4. sanyasi

    sanyasi New Member

    you got waaay too many midfielders.

    if it aint broke dont fix it.
    we even have plenty substitutes.
    just release keown and wiltord at the end, and let the youth prosper
  5. lee1001

    lee1001 New Member Trusted

    The only player id like to see at Arsenal now is Real Betis attacking right midfielder Joaquin...other than that....we don't need anybody else.
  6. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    I hate topics like this :evil:

    As for Silva going or staying. If he wants to keep his place in the Brazillian team he has to be playing regulary and he seems to have fallen behind Edu. I wouldnt be surprised if he left however i would be more than happy for him stay.
  7. Senght

    Senght New Member

    Many people are sayign that Gil should go. He is a world cup winner but i hate to see him in Chelski or Man U. No one is interested in him anyway. What Ill recommend is to add SW Phillips to the squad. He is Clichy on the right and is a Yakubu lookalike. First team for the next season

    Lauren Toure Campbell Cole

    Ljungeberg Edu Viera Pires

    Bergie Henry

    Subs: Stack, Sendores, Ali , Kanu, Reyes, Phillips

    Groom SW into another Kolo and we are ready to go!
  8. sean

    sean New Member

    i do not want to sell gilberto.

    every team arsenal included needs his attributes.

    we did not pay to much for him, that he is a burden to the balance sheets, whether starting or second choice he will still get around 30 games a year.

    i like him in the arsenal team.

    not to long ago we had grimandi as back up in his role.
    i much prefer gilberto, he has speed, height/decent in the air/stays on his feet/is always committed and willing to work hard.

    if he is willing to play , i want to keep him.

    we have been lucky with injurys this year and if we have them next year , we have a ready made back up to step in.

    to many get on his back here but he does so much tracking back /blocking/
    picking up runners off the ball, that does not go appreciated by us it seems.

    as for spending , i would have liked for us to have brought in dafoe, but trust wenger to come up with some gem who none of us thought of or perhaps have even heard of.

    the man is a genius.
  9. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    The only slight issues left at the highest level (champions league level) are RM (Ljungberg's runs have not proven to be penetrative in the CL, but does act similarly to a Gattuso in tracking back and solidity), CB (how will our defence cope against Milan and Madrid?)

    CB, and RB could become issues, but they could easily become strong areas if they prove themselves against the cream of CL. Let's hope our Coles, and Laurens and Toures turn out to be remembered as Carlos's, Cafu's, and Ayala's - because that is what is needed at this level.
  10. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    I wouldn't want Ashley Cole to be remembered as a Roberto Carlos. You have to remember that our boy can actually do what he is supposed to do - defend.
  11. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    Where's the defensive midfielders? We don't want to become a second Tottenham. Players like Gilberto and Parlour are vital to add depth to our team. Say Vieira get's injured then what are we going to do with that squad?
  12. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    That standard of recognition - as a great full back. The top full backs - Maldini, Zanetti, Cafu, Carlos - that level where they are all recognised for their ability in different ways. It sometimes comes through experience.

    If we are to be a top 3 club - our players will be aiming to reach their own level of recognition, and they can only do that by winning the champions league (we would all take Cole over Carlos, but his experience and recognition is something that propells madrid to do well in the CL). You could also say it is psychological when playing against opposing teams. If they know your names - they will fear and respect you. Alot of teams do this against Madrid, and Milan - and feel a sense of hopelessness knowing they are facing Ronaldo, Cafu etc - its that level of respect that can help you to acheive consistent CL status more easily.

    Win the first one - and it will sure as hell keep us in the top for a while, and give us that psychological advantage. It's going to be hard, so strap yourself in for the ride!
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    senderos wont be ready next season and bentley isnt a natural right mid.
    our central defensive depth will be looking thin with keown gone. we need another solid defender to back up kolo and sol.
    you cant have too many midfielders if you play in the fa cup, longest league in the world and champions league. a possible 54 games, + carling cup. i named 7 midfielders. that is the right amount 4 playing and 3 back ups.
    "if it aint broke dont fix it" i hate that statement, and it noway relates to football. people on here seem to be ignorant to the fact that teams change. everyone here seems to be happy with just our youngsters coming through. that will not be enough for next year. united and chelsea will both buy big in order to knock us over, so we have to buy, or at least strengthen our squad. especially when we will probably be losing, wiltord,keown,parlour,kanu. you cant expect us to lose some players at the end of this year and just have the youth coming up, they are no where near ready for such a big step.
    why have a volvo when you could drive a lexus !!!

    united will strengthen their defence, as they did after we won the league in 2002, they bought Rio. they may buy someone like Nesta.
  14. Iron Monkey

    Iron Monkey New Member

    I will keep Bergkamp, hope he still at arsenal next season.
  15. kNiteMare

    kNiteMare New Member

    I agree. Why do people failed to see that, just because it is not heralded and not as noticeable in TV?
    Ok, he was **** saturday maybe linking up the offensive plays, but that's not what he is good at. And if Vieria does indeed get injured again, our midfield will be like Real Madrid and we will be leaking like nobody. We need Gilberto.
  16. Senght

    Senght New Member

    They aren't on my bench but they sure figure in AW's plans. Viera and Edu provides good defensive stability anyway.
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    cant believe what im reading. people just love starting up this argument.
    just answer me this, would you prefer a player like ****berto who tracks back and does the so called invisible play (lmfao at that term some sad **** made up to describe **** players like gilbert) or would you prefer someone who can tackle, pass the ball properly, score the chances when he gets them !!??? i know which one id prefer !!
    you say gilberto was crap saturday, thats the most hes done this year. i dont expect you to have a clue because you probably have never beent o an arsenal game. but i go week in week out and see this peice of ****e **** up continuosly. yet people still support him by talking about his tracking back and marking !!!!! i could do what he does, plus i can also pass the ball 20 yards, HE CANT
  18. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    Gilberto could have scored a lot more goals than he has. He has had some great opportunities. However im not going to start slagging my own players off.
  19. Gooner83

    Gooner83 New Member

    I suppose whats missing is a classy Brazilian Forward to finish it all off.
  20. sean

    sean New Member

    we already have gilberto.
    what player fits the description and how much would he cost to act as the back up midfielder.

    chelsea payed 15 million for a 30 year old defensive midfield player, while we already have one of the same standard at the club.

    i like EDU and beleive he desrves his place on merit.

    i like parlour as the back up defensive midfield player across the middle and out wide where he can run people into the ground with his effort and commitment, but in gilberto we have a ready made replacemnet in the middle who can slot in, costing us nothing bar his wages.

    you want a player like davids to come to arsenal and sit on the bench , it is not going to happen.

    edu has taken gilberto`s slot, and gilberto is just filling in, a role that if he is prepared to do, then i am happy he stays at the club.

    and if arsenal played 13,000 miles away every saturday i doubt you would have attended many games either.

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