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Got Swerved By Gallas
The documentary about our legendary ‘89 title winning team is on Sky Sports PL at 9pm this evening.


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Can't wait to see City fans trending on twitter later this evening, with them going mental about them beating the mighty QPR being better than this :drool:


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Watch this if you get a chance. It. Is. Incredible. More for what it represents than as cinematic gold.

It shows an era that will never be again. When the divide between player and fan was hardly there at all. And before fans became a mere inconvenience to be endured so they can earn their millions.

Xhaka doesn't do that gesture at Highbury in that era. The others wouldn't allow it. After the win the players drank with fans in a crappy pub in North London. No VIP lounge at China White.

There's a scene where Lee Dixon describes his first North London Derby and how they put the fear of God in him, before the game. You can see how much those boys cared, and how Arsenal wasn't just another club. They were more than a team, they were brothers. Family.

And it shows the Arsenal I remember loving, even though my Arsenal was a few years away from being assembled. When football is more than a game and when a team like Arsenal can do the impossible.

Beautiful film.


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Yup mandatory viewing. You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you came from :lol:

As I have said in a few other threads. I never knew the nugget that at 1-0 Dixon asked the ref “how long left” and was promptly told “it’s finished”

I wonder if John Barnes still has nightmares about losing the ball :rofl: I actually saw him in Dubai last year, he seemed pretty pissed up at an all day brunch (well everyone was hammered TBF) it would have been a good time to ask him about it. Seemed like a nice guy though.

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