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Aaron Ramsdale (Out)


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People did question when Mokbel mentioned Ramsdale is under pressure, well he was right.

However, there have been internal concerns about Ramsdale’s start to the season. The keeper has has faced nine shots on target so far and conceded four times - a save percentage of 55.6 percent. His contribution to Fulham’s first goal in a 2-2 draw at the Emirates on August 26 and Marcus Rashford’s goal in the Gunners’ 3-1 win on September 3 have been scrutinised.
Mokbel article


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60m quoted in the article. Surely at that price (50m+) you sell him as even Raya is homegrown. Also personally I think Raya is comfortably better. Better on the ball and better shot stopper. And he is just 2 yr older so has a good 5-6 yrs in him as he is currently only 28yo.
Ramsdale has a higher ceiling but with his personality I am not sure he actually reaches there.

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load of nonsense this article and the reaction to him being dropped by the media. total overreaction
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