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Arsenal’s under-10s have at their disposal a far more professional set-up than their male equivalents in the league. The under-10s and under-12s get four hours of training per week plus a match on Sunday. “They are getting A- and B-licence coaching, goalkeeper coaching, strength and conditioning work, sports psychologists, physiotherapists, nutrition,” Payne says. “The idea is it is not just about developing them technically, it’s what we do to develop the whole player. We also have parent workshops to support the parents. There is a lot going on.”

They also had the benefit recently of an overseas trip. Olivier Giroud secured an invitation to a mixed Futsal tournament near his home town close to the French Alps.

It is all part of a steep learning curve for the girls, in an attempt to encourage them to troubleshoot and deal with new tactical situations at a more intense pace. The under-10s probably have it easier than the under-12s, who have found it harder to adjust to playing against the boys. It is a little less innocent, and physically the challenge is trickier to bridge especially as the girls teams play in two-year age bands, so if you have a boy pushing 13 against a girl who has just turned 11 the difference is marked.

As Payne points out, finding the right level – the appropriate league and division – is paramount in the search for a relatively even match. “It has been a challenge but if you are going to be an elite female player ultimately you need to be regularly challenged,” she notes. For those with top potential the opportunities to learn are there to be seized. One of Arsenal’s best under-16s girls goes once a week to train with the club’s academy boys.


All in all, the girls feel certain they are fast-tracking development. Rupen Shah, on the coaching staff of the under-10s, has been at the club for eight years and is sold on the potential of girls v boys matches. “It is the best experience they have had in all my time at the club. You really see the benefits. I asked the girls recently what they thought and they unanimously said they would prefer to play in a boys’ league.”

After the post-match handshakes, it took a bit of persuading to get the two teams to shuffle up close for a joint team photo, but in the end the gap was closed to leave one big group of ambitious, happy footballers.


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Is this the Arsenal Women thread? (should be changes from ladies to Women i think)

First game of the new season. They we're losing 1:2 against Birmingham, Arsenal got a red card and still managed to win 3:2. Good job.


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The Arsenal Ladies are just as heart attack inducing as the men. Went behind to Birmingham Ladies at home, equalised just before half time. Conceded another one. Made two substitutions at around 60 mins, Wenger style, substitute gets sent off. We equalised at 84 mins and then got the winner from a penalty just before injury time.

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Very sloppy start from Arsenal Women. This is a big game in the WSL. We are really struggling. Loose passes. They've been through three times already and should really have scored. Long 90 mins ahead. Alex Scott is an amazing leader.


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Looks like we might be losing Danielle van de Donk. She's plays attacking midfield, in the Özil role behind the strike. Dutch international. She's rolled her ankle. Would be a big blow if she has to go off.


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Mane like high boot from Nikita Parris of Citeh on Lisa Evans. Not as bad as the Mane one but she cut our player just under the eye with her studs. Her boot was very high and Evans went to header it. No card given.


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Couldn't finish the game, had to stop before first half ended but just saw that we lost 5-2.

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Mane like high boot from Nikita Parris of Citeh on Lisa Evans. Not as bad as the Mane one but she cut our player just under the eye with her studs. Her boot was very high and Evans went to header it. No card given.
Honestly, WTF. No consistency anywhere in this game anymore! A new reason to stop watching every week.


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FA WSL Cup Final Arsenal V Man City today

K/O was 7pm but I can't find the latest score anywhere on the web

So much for gender progress
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