Arsène Wenger: My Life and Lessons In Red & White


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Beating Poch and Klopp in their 2nd and 1st season at their respective club, not overly impressive i must say.
Bring in a better striker in summer of 15 and we win the league that year, build on the already two existing stars at the club. Why the club never invested that summer is beyond me, wont blame Wenger since i dont know what directives he got from the higher ups.

The decline came before the "pissing", not the other way around as i recall. Leaving room here for me remembering it wrong though, but cant really recall that it was heavily piss raining down after 15/16.
None of that is evidence just your musings. ‘He might have done better if he’d bought a striker’. Poch and Klopp didn’t lose all those players to injury and certainly not their best player like Cazorla.

Where’s your actual evidence of decline up to 2015/16. You’re not providing any for some reason, even though you keep pretending it’s real.
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