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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by GlasgowGooner, Nov 17, 2003.

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  1. GlasgowGooner

    GlasgowGooner New Member

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    Anderlecht striker Aruna Dindane claims to have already received an offer from Manchester United, although his primary desire is to follow close friend Kolo Toure to Arsenal.
    The 22-year-old has introduced his abilities to the continent's elite during this season's UEFA Champions League and scored in both games against Celtic.

    Dindane admits his fondness for Highbury, but it was Sir Alex Ferguson's United who have already made contact, according to agent Serge Trimpont.

    "Anderlecht offered Aruna a rise and a longer contract but United wanted him to turn it down and sit out the last year of his present deal," explained Trimpont.

    "But, after everything Anderlecht had done for Aruna, we didn't think that was fair to them."

    The Ivory Coast attacker has seen his value soar after some tremendous displays this term, and his club are in a position to demand a sizeable fee for his services.

    "The Champions League has taught me I need to play regularly at a higher level than Belgian football to improve my game," he told World Soccer.

    "Ideally, it would be great to follow my best friend, Kolo Toure, to Arsenal, though the competition for places in attack there might be tough.

    "I mean my great hero, Dennis Bergkamp, is there as well.

    "But I can at least say I've had an offer from Manchester United, so I think I have a right to set my sights high."

    Dindane is under contract in Brussels until 2006, but will be allowed to leave next year if a satisfactory bid is forthcoming.
  2. solthegunner

    solthegunner New Member

    Sounds really good and would like to see him at highbury. Looked good against celtic. But again with all of these players that are linked how can we compete with man u or any other big club in europe that has money.
    But if K-lo can pull a few strings it would be great...heres to hoping!
  3. PolishGooner

    PolishGooner New Member Elite

    No no, Aruna is Second Kanu. Trust me. When Anderlecht played vs Wisla Krakow in CL Qual Aruna had about 6 great chances, one on one with the keepers. His finish is poor. I admit, he has great pace but that is all
  4. Taozhe

    Taozhe New Member Trusted

    But its really nice to see someone prefering us to Manure isnt it? ;)
  5. kluivert

    kluivert New Member

    Yes polish u r right! That guy is very very poor with is finishng a flash in the pan really!!!!There is 2 young & very good players in Anderlecht a defender Vincent Kompany( man u r after him) & a defensive mdf Ngalula gabriel
  6. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    I don't know much about him but I do know that a lot of people have been very impressed with him.
  7. Sammer

    Sammer New Member Elite

    Against Krakow??? Sorry Polish gooner, but that doesn´t mean jack-**** imo.
  8. Webdesignlab

    Webdesignlab New Member

    I think PolishGooner is making the point that he is NOT all that great. kanu as an insult rather than an accolade.
  9. PolishGooner

    PolishGooner New Member Elite

    Aruna is maybe good to play in Bundesliga, definately not in PL
  10. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    a lot of people dont know much about aruna, but i have a bit of info on him.

    He is known for his ability on the ball, pace and skill. he is also very versatile; he can play as a striker, behind the two strikers and on the right wing. In 2002, he was runner up for belgian player of the year

    apparantly, he has a short temper. he reacts badly to provocation, like half the arsenal team anyway so maybe he will fit in. he is also, for this reason, victimized by belgian referees again similar to arsenal.
  11. Arsenal_FAN1983

    Arsenal_FAN1983 New Member

    What happened to us getting this guy?

    I like him he is playing for Lens in France at the moment. He is top scorer with 10 goals this season so far. I think he has power and determination and he can score goals. If we are going to buy another striker in the summer I hope we buy this guy.
  12. nazo

    nazo New Member Elite

    Reviving this thread was an odd move :?
    Anyways, i think we have enough strikers in the team now.
  13. Arsenal_FAN1983

    Arsenal_FAN1983 New Member

    I like the player and I just thought of him and decided to look how well he doing in france, then I saw we were once linked with him, and I know we have been reported looking for other young striker, having this guy wouldn't be bad he is only 26 nearly going to be in his prime.

    Yep until someone gets injured, then we lack experience. Thierry is already out and now Adebayor is out for bit or maybe longer. He will obviously miss saturday's game, I just hope he can come back for Charlton
  14. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    Please don't revive threads from three years ago.
  15. nidza7

    nidza7 New Member

    LMAO.he got me there

    I even tried to google who was Dindane from Anderlecht,because I know the one from Lens.
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