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Bukayo Saka: Saka The Net

Is Saka a world class player?

  • Yes definitely

    Votes: 56 37.8%
  • Close, he’ll get there soon

    Votes: 73 49.3%
  • No no at all

    Votes: 19 12.8%

  • Total voters


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Cold Palmer will join this "illustrious" bunch next season, when he only scores 3 league goals next year...





...we will be there!
Michu was top class, injuries ruined his career. Palmer will be closer to David Bentley than him


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Michu was top class, injuries ruined his career. Palmer will be closer to David Bentley than him

I will still never get over James Beattie of Southampton genuinely challenging for the golden boot when Thierry Henry and Van Nistelrooy were around to be honest.

Was one of those moments as a kid I remember going..."James Beatiie Southampton...none of those sound like real words, how is this happening!?"


...legends say Beattie in 02/03 was the origin of this, the meme before the meme 😅


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Lmao in Michigan?

Proper random place to go Jeeves what were you doing over there?
Ohh, I thought it was Hell in Norway. Looks very similar.



Based and Artetapilled

Ohh, I thought it was Hell in Norway. Looks very similar.

I thought the same actually, wtf


🎵 Edu getting rickrolled 🎵
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Country: Bangladesh

Ohh, I thought it was Hell in Norway. Looks very similar.


Makes sense to have a place in Norway called hell tbh. Aptly named.

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It's great we not over depending on him he not having his best of times lately with G/A but today Cucurella had absolutely tough time against Saka

Hopefully he saving his goals against Sp**s


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He is a good guy.

If you look around the roster, some guys are shining, others aren't, roles have been adjusted.

Some guys have been phased to the background (Eddie, Ramsdale, Zinny, Jesus, Martinelli).

Some guys have really stepped up (Ødegaard, Trossard, White, Gabby and Saliba and even Kai).

Where does Saka fit? Honestly.

Is it that fact the he is just focused on so much, that it allows others to shine?

Is he restricted by the system approach on offense?

Has he reached his ceiling?

What is going on with him?


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It would be healthy for him to have a bit more competition. You can see why we were interested in Raphinha. Not only for competition, but for rotation.


You're wrong, no?
Guessing he couldn't suddenly recover from his injury problems but played like a proper top player, what is that telling us? Is he really that injured or just too inconsistent to be considered a top player?

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