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They lost another 90m, 5th loss in a row!

Hopefully the points are docked next season and they get another year without European football. They'll need to sell a shedload of players in the summer. We should take Cole Palmer off them. Reece James would be a top pick up but it looks like his hamstring is ****ed, so too much of a risk.


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Both United and Chelsea have been to Wembley these past 2 seasons, while not counting the Community Shield we haven't.

We are clear of both as a team right now, just how has this happened?

Guess we won a cup in 2020 when we were all over the place to be fair, football is so weird sometimes 😅


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Are Chelsea about to get their comeuppance?

Probably not.

Whether its within sports or outside of it, the usual rule of thumb authorities have is:

Punish people who aren't big enough to bite back, but big enough to make an example of.

That's why lower rung PL teams get their day in court so often and so fast. It makes the point without angering the people who really bring in the money for the PL. Everton and Nottingham Forrest have just as many accountants and legal docs as any other PL team - so why do their matters get sorted so quickly?

That's why I'm really not keeping up with or fussed about Chelsea or City's situations. They'd literally have to have dead bodies buried under their pitches for justice to prevail.

So I don't put any stock in hoping either of them get their comeuppance.
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