Chelsea FC: Sorry not Sarri

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by Bigbludfire, Jul 7, 2014.

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    Yeah, 'bombing' down the right (to the tune of 21 goals and 8 assists), pushing Pool ~25 points ahead of sad-sack Chelsea.
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    I think the transfer ban may be beneficial to them. The club has expected and has been expected to fix solutions in the transfer market, now, for at least next season, solutions have to come internally. Towards the end of this season they have used Hudson-Odoi and Loftus-Cheek, but will rely on them more next campaign. You’d imagine Christensen will get more game time too. There will also be more of a chance to use other youngsters, like Ampadu, and also those who have impressed on loan, like Abraham.

    It’s easy to forget what players they have out on loan: Kenedy (Newcastle), Batshuayi (was Valencia, now Palace), Bakayoko (Milan), Morata (Atletico), Zouma (Everton), Moses (Fenerbahçe). All of those can come in and do a job. And Pulisic is replacing Hazard.

    They’ll be just fine.
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    With the youngsters you never really know how they’ll adapt to top flight football. Abraham for instance was basically useless at Swansea when they were in the PL. I’m sure Chelski would prefer to strengthen with established players.

    Of the experienced loanees you listed, only Zouma has a chance at being a starter IMO. Batshuayi is Palace level at best, Kenedy is dreadful, Moses.. there’s a reason he’s in turkey and we saw how Morata got on here- though I do still rate him.

    Pulisic could be a decent bit of business but he can’t get a start for Dortmund atm. Big ask for him to fill the shoes of Hazard. I reckon Chelski will struggle. They have numbers yes, but do they have the required quality? Particularly if Hazard leaves.
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    From what I understand Chelsea will and are expected to file another appeal which will delay the ban until after this summer.

    I expect them to go BIG this summer as they don't have much choice, they need to sign smart and for the future.
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    That kit suits Chelsea 100%, such an ugly club in every way.
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    Yeah, suspect it's an appeal to get it delayed long enough to spend a s**t load on players to cover 2 transfer windows.

    I can't remember off the top of my head but I suspect they'll still get a ban. Not sure how many teams have had a ban like this overturned. Atleti's ban got upheld for something similar (I believe).
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    I agree that only Zouma has a chance of being a starter, but Moses did very well under Conte, and Kennedy and Bat have had games at the top level this season. They have relied on their best players this season, but we have seen with Liverpool how useful that level of player can be in a squad.

    When I say they’ll be fine, I mean I think they’ll be chasing top 4 again. They definitely won’t improve. But I think so because there are solutions in the squad to not be so reliant on Hazard, and to mix it up.
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    They wont get out of it, only thing they can do is delay the inevitable, which is fully expected and can't blame them really in their situation.
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    Ceterum censeo Chelsea FC esse delendam.
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    All the FUD like Hazard leaving to Real, Sarri on the brink, Giroud end of the contract, Abrahimovich looking for buyers ...Feels a bit disjointed at Chelsea at the moment and I would give us a slight psychological edge.
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    Leeds smash derby tonight. Sarri thinks fvck the EL and we win nice one Roman!!
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    Ole's at United
    Lampard's at Chelsea
    Gerard's at Pool
    Gascoigne's at Spuds
    Toure's at City

    Maybe then we'd get a chance to win the league.
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    Arteta gonna bring it home! :drool:
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