Did we do good business last summer?

Was the summer business good?

  • Yes

    Votes: 54 72.0%
  • No

    Votes: 21 28.0%

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Quick poll, not arsed about too much discussion just want a yes or no answer.

Now the season is complete we can have a look, we finished 8th after spending loads but also won the FA cup again.

In my personal opinion we brought in good players, 4/5 all were key after the new manager took over and the other could be a superstar.

Ins: Pepe, Tierney, Luiz, Martinelli and Ceballos (Loan).


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...covering everyone's opinion with this.
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if you want to look at the business done last summer, we should also look at players who left the club. Losing Miki, Ramsey and Iwobi practically killed our ability to progress the ball. As individual players, the ones we bought last summer were good. But from a balance perspective, it was not the best. So a 6/10..


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Only a dummy would vote yes. We finished 8th in one of the weakest leagues ever.

Chelsea had a kid manager who couldn’t spend, Utd have the worst manager in the league, City lost 10 games and Sp**s had their issues.
And we had Unai Emery....


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Voted no. Didn't address the CM and CB nearly well enough and the 70m for Pepe is bad business so far as he didn't hit the ground running as you would want at that cost. People were excited for Pepe because the hope was by sacrificing those funds for CM and CB we would at least have something special but it was simply fine. I'm so he will get better and better but that spending is a big part of why we fell so far.


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Depends on your perspective.

If you consider our business last summer simply on the basis of our performance this season, then no, our business was not good enough. Tierney came injured. Pépé and Ceballos required extensive adjustment periods. We didn't end up with Saliba as he went back out on loan. Luiz was hit and miss. Martinelli was great but even that was unexpected and unplanned.

If however, you take a step back and think of our business with a longer term view. Tierney looks the real deal. Ceballos has improved so significantly that the majority want him on a permanent deal. Pépé has shown signs of great promise. Martinelli looks a star of the future. And even Luiz had moments where he has been instrumental (latter stages of the FA cup). Not to mention, Saliba has garnered a reputation as one of the best defensive prospects in Europe and another season of professional experience.

I think this summer we need a better balance between immediate impact and longer term planning. I think Arteta understands this and is why he has been so clear in the media of the importance of players already used to the Premier League.


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Only a dummy would vote yes. We finished 8th in one of the weakest leagues ever.

Chelsea had a kid manager who couldn’t spend, Utd have the worst manager in the league, City lost 10 games and Sp**s had their issues.

We got pretty much champions league under Arteta, stop always taking that season as a whole just to back your arguments constantly, it's just not valid.

Tierney, Saliba, Ceballos and Pepe seem to be extremely good signings, but have been put into a different light under Emery.

The thing you could criticize is that we did not realize and fix the imbalance in that side. That's kinda unforgivable.

And not sacking Emery earlier, but when it's been all too late..


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Pepe will prove his worth over time, Ceballos was a successful loan deal, Saliba is one of the best CB talents in Europe and Tierney looks to be a solid defender.
That would be 8/10 for me but we did some bad business later with Mari and Cedric plus Luiz contract renewal.
Think we did well but it will take time to clear all the mess


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I think it was bad.

Think not bringing in more in midfield was terrible, even Bennacaer would've been great. Leaving the centreback position until last second was a disaster.

That is ignoring the Pepe signing which I think was a poor deal, I would've preferred other players and positions for that money. I also think we gave Palace the impression we would definitely buy Zaha which is why they dug their heels in.


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Signing a 72m wide player & then letting our two senior other wide players go on deadline day was odd. Like **** they knew Saka was at this level or Auba that productive wide... You can tell looking at the pre Christmas lineups.

It looked like we had zero plan or tactics around how to integrate Pepe.


We broke our transfer record on a 24yo who had a so-so first season, in which we finished 8th. Hopefully one day we look back fondly on the summer, but for now it’s mediocre at best.

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