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Eddie Nket14h: Answering The 📞 From England


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He's the real deal isn't he? Bet you're all absolutely proud of him. The guy is so complete.
Depends on your definition of "real deal". If its defined as putting United back in their box after them being in a title race last weekend and Neville saying we would finish 3rd then aye....he is.

Is he the next Mbappe? No. But he's good enough to leave the butcher looking for his cut of meat.

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This was the game where I started to believe in this kid. He was absolutely relentless here and showed us EVERYTHING he was capable of, in one game.

That first goal was my goal of the season, I dont think I celebrated a goal more last year. Because then, everyone called him useless.

So happy for him, he has been nothing but top top since coming into the side. And best yet, he can STILL improve.


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Constantly gets into goal scoring positions which is a sign of an intelligent player, his goal scoring record speaks for itself tbf.

Could/should have scored against Newcastle and Sp**s as well. Missed a quality chance late which De Gea saved, but continued to get himself into good areas and got his winner in the end.

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That's, like, your opinion, man.
It’s impressed me more than his goals tbh. He’s holding it up, winning the ball high up, bringing midfielders into the final third with his passing.

What a guy. Massive pressure on his shoulders when Jesus went down but he’s took it all in his stride.

I was on call with @MutableEarth one day as he said something along the lines of Eddie always rising to the ocasion when he was trusted to do so.

Think the words were "people are sleeping my man on Eddie" or something, can't quite recall. But the overall sentiment stuck with me, which is why I trusted the player so much and wanted him to leave if that meant he'd be getting starts.

Glad he stayed, glad he's getting starts. A bunch of goals on the PL, now against a big team like United.

Hope he continues this to the point that Mikel starts hearing "ay, you can't drop that guy my man, chose someone else".


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It’s wrong because he is a good dribbler and the best finisher in the squad.

His hold up play has been great since his breakout last spring.
He is not really a good dribbler. Jesus is a good dribbler, but Nketiah has improved on the ball. I would say the best finishers on the team are probably ESR and Trossard in terms of technique. Nketiah prob has the best movement in the box, always gets himself into dangerous areas.

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Really wanted him to score vs Sp**s, but I'll happily take what he delivered today instead. He showed he's more than capable of leading the line here. People are losing their **** when Jesus got injured and the prospect of Eddie leading the line in a title race, he's continuously proved everyone wrong.


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Just 19 passes all night, none of them being a progressive nor a key pass, the player who contributed to chances the least, but boy he's a real poacher !!

I was really pessimistic about our chances without Jesus, because theres a massive drop in creativity in the final third in his absence which was very clear to me despite the fact that the team is still winning and the numbers are backing it up, but what I didnt realise is that we are too good that we can even afford having a poacher like Nketiah upfront, and he really did well in that regard, great goal scoring record, his movement and finishing is top top top quality, hope he improves the other elements of his game.


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I don't think there's any other backup striker in the Premier league who could be thrown in to the situation he has and outperform his current level.

Everything we could have asked and more.


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Bro u seen his hold up play? Difficult balls dead with his first touch? Pressing like he has 3 lungs? Love the kid
He’s worked so hard on his game. I’m 100% sure he’s putting in extra work.

I think it was 2/3 pre-seasons ago his overall play went up a level, before that he was a really scrappy and quite limited.
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