Edu & Vinai: Dumb & Dumber?


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Since the old executive thread has been taken over, I think it's fair we should make a new one with the current boys in Edu + Vinai.


Edu & Arteta are now heading transfers together and Vinai is doing the other stuff, let's see how we move.


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Vinai has a lot of supporters from the likes of AST and old share holders which is interesting. He seems to have a poor history to me at the club in his commercial deals but we shall see.


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Arteta more involved in transfers is a clearly a good thing so I'm happy with Edu & Arteta. With Vinai its hard to tell if he's got the role because he's earned it or because the owners feel he's easier to handle/Control than Raul. We'll see!


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Where do we go from here?

I have trust and belief Arteta is the one to take us back to glory days but it’s way too soon in his career to be given the reins the way wenger was.

Or the other option is Vinai or whatever other joker the Kroenkes decide to bring in and sack in 6 months/1 year? This is depressing stuff.