Edu's Transfer Targets: Summer 2021

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Sounds Like Hairspray
Well bare in mind that we spent £70M with just 1 sale in the summer. Scenario won't be dissimilar for this summer. If we get CL football/win the Europa league that's a lot of money added. I was broad with my prediction between 125-175M in that scenario because there's no telling how many we will sell. But the list is pretty extensive.


All potentially up for sale. Only Pepe and Laca I'm not 100% on. But Bellerin and AMN alone should yield £40M. Chambers £5-10M comfortably, Nketiah £10-15M comfortably and Nelson should be another £15M. These players are players that clubs will be interested in, young, English, home grown etc etc. Of course we won't be able to sell all of them, but that's why I went £125-175M. I think with CL football £75M will be made available to spend outright. Without it and with our current league position you're looking at £40M. So even more pressure on sales if that's the case.

But it will be dissimilar, because of the wider situation. The effects of the pandemic hadn't really hit last summer plus clubs were sort of acting on the assumption that fans would be in for at least a portion of the season. January shows what the market is actually like. We haven't had ticket sales for a whole season, you realise how much money we've lost right? We're going to record losses in excess of 100m for the 20/21 season. CL money doesn't paper over a crack that big.

Also it's not a seller's market, who the hell is gonna take Kolasinac off us with the wages he's on?


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Can this all proceed before sales though? That’s up to Kroenkes. Can plan out everything in detail but there are no guarantees sales will go smoothly or anywhere near expectations.

Hakimi, Ødegaard and a backup left back would probably be about £70M which I expected us to have with CL footy before sales. So yeah Kroenke would have to help.


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Bissouma - 30M
Hakimi - 45M
Ödegaard - Loan
Bertrand - Free

Bring back Saliba, Mavro and Guendouzi.

That's not impossible without CL, Hakimi would just have to be a Partey, stump the money and hope he'd join.

Hakimi is the favourite for RB, although I just listened to some discussion on Gooner Talk about him being more of a wing back for Inter, some questions over the defensive end although reasonable confidence he could adjust, and also points about symmetry with LB not being so simple because Xhaka provides some cover when the LB pushes up, but questions as to how similar would be provided for the RB.

For LB, still prefer a younger player. I kind of understand thinking over Bertrand because Tierney could be out a lot. Tyrick Mitchell, Amave, Josh Doig - not sure on latest for these players and their availabilities.

Still would like Edouard or similar with Laca or Auba out, most likely Laca, although I note increasing resistance to this from some, but I would prefer we get more ruthless against being the ones signing players to their last big contracts.


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Seeing you do a list like this without...

"Wilshere - Free"

...on it, makes me realise that dream is dead 😪
Not at all. I reckon Paella Pulis could use his links (and our budget) to get returns for Wilshere, Ramsey, Ox and Sanchez.


Analysing our squad position by position highlights the key areas we need to do business in:

GK: Leno might not be world class but he's certainly good enough for our level/where we want to be and is not an immediate area we need to upgrade. We have an issue in not having a decent backup GK. Because of a tight budget, we should for now acquire a decent second GK on a free transfer
Bellerin has been poor this season, and in truth, just has never really shown he's good enough defensively or offensively. He's also one of our most saleable assets. We'd be much better off if we can find a buyer for him and reinvest that money into a new RB who has a higher ceiling. Sell, if we can identify a good replacement
Tierney is obviously one of our best players, but he's clear he's also made of biscuits. We need a natural sided LB who can fill in often and avoid overusing him. Profile wise we should be looking for someone young who can we can develop either to take over from him (if Tierney's injuries get worse) or sell for a profit in years to come. £15m for a young LB (18-23)
Mari/Gabriel seem like solid options for our LCB. We have some issues with maybe needing a better, younger, less error prone ball playing RCB. However, we have lots of players on our books who can play here (Luiz, Saliba, Holding, Chambers, Mavropanos). Moreover, our defensive record this season has looked alright so it isn't an essential upgrade for this summer. If anything we should sell one of those five to fund replacements in other areas (i.e. a LB). Extend Luiz contract, sell one of Mav/Chambers/Holding to fund a GK/LB
We are really light in this position and should be our priority to fix. Partey/Xhaka is probably a serviceable pairing for another 12 months as I doubt we will have the finances to go big this summer given other signings we need. The issue we lack here is depth. We ideally need two players - one to replace Ceballos, and the other to replace Elneny who isn't really good enough to be 4th choice. However, I suspect that we wont have the money for two CMs, so our priority should be acquiring a young CM who has a high ceiling but is affordable. The second CM should be bringing back Guendouzi/AMN or giving Azeez minutes next year. £25-30m young CM (18-23) plus promote Azeez/recall Guendouzi or AMN.
Its clear this season that the biggest thing we lack is a creative spark in the middle. ESR is good but we shouldn't rely on him just yet. This is the biggest signing we need. A player like Ødegaard is what we are desperate for. Should be our main signing of the summer. £45-50m established (23-27) AM
Lumped these together because most can be played interchangeably that seems to be Arteta's preference. Saka has one of these places nailed down, and so its a fight between ESR/Nelson/Pepe/Martinelli/Willian for the other one. Given we have enough players who can fit this position (arguably even Auba), I don't think this is where we should focus. Nelson needs a loan or even selling, and it should be a fight between Martinelli/Pepe for the other wing. ESR will get minutes through the middle and on the wing as well. Willian sold if possible, but otherwise kept for avoiding injury crises. Loan/sell Nelson or sell Willian.
We have Auba tied to a large 3 year deal, and we cant afford another Özil situation so we need to start playing him in his preferred position and working towards a system that includes him. Lacazette is a great backup to have but only has a year left, is getting older and is on high wages for a 2nd choice player. Nketiah also only has 12 months left. We also have Balogun who is a hot prospect and needs minutes. Lacazette should be sold for financial purposes and a young striker (18-23) brought in who can be 2nd choice to Auba but ideally take over in 12 months (£25-30m). Nketiah should be sold to ensure Balogun gets minutes.

So that would leave our summer business as:

IN: GK (free), LB (£15m), CM (£25-30m), AM (£45-50m), CF (£25-30m) - £125m
OUT: Bellerin (£20-25m), Mav/Holding/Chambers (one of them, price depends on who but at least £10m), Nelson/Willian sold (price variable), Lacazette (£20m), Nketiah (£15m) - add to that a bit for our current loaned crop too and we should be able to make at least £75m in funds if not significantly more than that.


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Lest we forget that the majority of this forum suggested Sterling wasn't good enough for us when we were linked with a Sanchez swap.

We don't deserve nice things!


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How many up for sale players from Ivan era left? Torreira Kola Guendouzi maybe. German clubs will still want kola if he not in huge wages i feel it'll be another one we should cancel his big contract. Cheers baldy


Sounds Like Hairspray

he's coming home

He's on like 100k a week, right? i've honestly no idea how we solve the Kola situation. Either we use him as our back-up LB and he leaves on a free next summer (unlikely seeing as he's probably seen as one of the rotten group), or a very rich club takes on his wages. Which club would take on a LB on big wages who's not had good form in years? The only alternative is he takes a massive wage cut. Or we basically accept zero fee for him so that the transfer fee is included in his wages.

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please just dont extend luiz. we have 2 cbs that didnt have a proper chance yet. waste of money, talent and occasional heart attacks and sad blunders.


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He's on like 100k a week, right? i've honestly no idea how we solve the Kola situation. Either we use him as our back-up LB and he leaves on a free next summer (unlikely seeing as he's probably seen as one of the rotten group), or a very rich club takes on his wages. Which club would take on a LB on big wages who's not had good form in years? The only alternative is he takes a massive wage cut. Or we basically accept zero fee for him so that the transfer fee is included in his wages.
Edu so far has failed to get any money for any of our deadwood, yet AM told me he did a great work.


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"would love to keep Arsenal man long-term" is just to give the impression we wont sell easily. Potential buyers know that. They also know We dont need a body guard for Özil any more!
That’s in reference to Schalke, they want to keep him but they don’t think he’ll want to play for them in the second tier of German football.


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If we can't be in Europe next season most of our squad players should go the game time will be so limited because we'll only have like 2-3 competition to play for all season. It could help us because they'll force themselves to leave.

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