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Edu’s Transfer Targets: Summer 2023

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He wants to go from Europa Brighton to no European competition team in turmoil for what reason? Didn’t you learn anything from twerking for Murdyk last transfer window. Do you always lose your sh.t in transfer windows?
Team in turmoil, lol, have you not followed Chelsea? They have bad seasons but they’ll always bounce back quickly with a rebuild.


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Team in turmoil, lol, have you not followed Chelsea? They have bad seasons but they’ll always bounce back quickly with a rebuild.
Boehly torched their clubs finances and has no striker they aren’t fixing it. Not under the idiotic tutelage of this American boffhead, even without him his errors will take years to clean up


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Lock him up for 7 years on money he wants. He is that good and our best defender by a Country mile.


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I doubt Gündogan is even thinking about joining us. It’s a massive step down and after the treatment of Özil I can’t seem him being interested.
Yeah this isnt like the Zinny/Jesus situation. No reason for him to drop down like that. Its either bayern/Barca or stay at city.


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PSG have a buyback clause for around 10m-12m for Xavi Simons. Cant we just have a deal done for close to 20m with PSG and player agent with PSG netting the difference.

I have a feeling something like this would happen. Maybe Arsenal or maybe someone else. Its no brainer for the buying club player and PSG.


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I dont want us to overpay for Caicedo or Rice but hopefully our board knows what we need and they could make us compete for the title next year. lets hope the players can push for a move to Arsenal.

Caicedo and Rice will make us very hard to break down in midfield and Ødegaard will have even more freedom to roam around. but with Chelski sniffing around The Kroenkes need to back Mikel big time.
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