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    Any suggestions to help with that lol?
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    Kante is fantastic on this game.
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    I doubt if i could help you in FIFA, or any game...but you have very attack-minded wing players (you basically have 4 Forwards.)..Alexis, Alaba, Bellerin, Greizemann (Plus the STs) will all push forward. You need a flat back-4, or maybe dispense with the Wingers.
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    What's the formation editor like on this game?

    I played FIFA 16 once and I found it impossible/difficult to navigate, it took ****ing ages to move players around when tinkering with formations.

    This was so important for me at least on FIFA games, constituted about half the fun I derived from the game, building wacky formations, or emulating real life ones, like Bielsa's 3313, or Zeman's 433, or Favre's tight and compact 442.
  7. Ariz™

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    Özil rated higher than Pogba, that should wind up a few.

  8. krackpot

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    Pogba hasn't won ****...has won more Europa, though :p

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