FIFA 18 PS4 (Pro Clubs) - Wengerball FC Now Recruiting!

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    This is a call out for anyone interested in joining Wengerball FC, a new club tailored for Arsenal supporters. I was trying endlessly to join a club with strong ties to Arsenal; including kit, style of play, etc, but found nothing - so I decided to create a new one from scratch.

    I've just created the club, and we're open to players of all positions. Definitely geared towards more casual players (non-pro), the style of play is focused on short passing and patience, as well as counter-attacking when the moment suits - think of us during the 2007/08 season.

    If you're the kind of player who dribbles your way out of everything and loves doing step overs in your own half, we're not the club for you, but if you fancy bringing Wengerball back to FIFA 18 then sign up and help us grow! You don't need to be an Arsenal fan to join; ya just need to be a chill guy or gal, and love sexy football.

    My PSN is biblisk, and the name of the club is "Wengerball FC" :lol:
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