Fredrik Ljungberg (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Olofski, Feb 7, 2004.

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  1. Pepe LeFrits

    Pepe LeFrits New Member Elite

    Top post.

    Freddie has been a popular subject of conversation with some of my gooner mates lately and we've pretty much agreed that the injuries have robbed Freddie of his burst of acceleration, and the loss of Bergie and Pires have robbed him of his supply. Freddie simply doesn't seem to fit into the dynamic of the 'new' Arsenal.

    I watched a few clips of Freddie from a couple of years back and the difference is so noticeable. He was the master of ghosting into the box, zipping in ahead of the defender and nipping it past the keeper. Add a general lack of confidence in front of goal, and Freddie just doesn't have the tools to do that anymore.
  2. Sammer

    Sammer New Member Elite

    Further, I feel that after having seem one mediocre performance after the other, fans have a right to claim, that he should not be a first team starter any more (at least in a 4 man midfield).

    It´s now time for a generation switch - Hleb and Rosicky for Freddie and Pires.

    As I said, Wenger is conducting the switch smoothly, with giving Freddie enough opportunity to fight for a 1st team place. In the end, he will probably accept a sub-role, or eventually move on like Pires.
  3. IBL

    IBL New Member Elite

    Freddy will be lucky to get more than 5 goals this season and I believe Wenger does not play him for scoring goals anymore, his role has changed over the past season or two. He's there now as someone who battles from the front, harries the opposition defenders and just generally as something of a positive influence (being one of the more senior players), lift the other players around him and also help out Hoyte. He's hardly going to provide much of a goal threat now - lost his touch infront of goal, no Bergkamp to feed him, lack of pace...he isnt there as a scoring midfielder anymore for us.

    Wenger is confident enough that we can win games with Freddy in the team thus allowing the likes of Rosicky and RvP to have a breather as they are now our more key players, I feel player protection from injury and fatigue is one of the reasons for Freddy's inclusion in the starting line-up, he definitely wont be starting in the more important games (one would hope at least)
  4. jucsitin

    jucsitin New Member

    The bluntness of your post hurts a little bit, and yes I'm aware that he said he prefers to play on the left rather than the right, but the fact remains in recent years he's been playing far more on the right than on the left. such a positional change will no doubt take a bit of time to adjust to.

    Also, fact is most of the time he is used to having lauren behind him, overlapping him, and he's comfortable playing there with lauren. Now on the left, he DOESN'T know how Gallas/Hoyte/Clichy plays, he can't play the one/two runs he used to as much, and that only comes with games, and with a constant partner.

    The "gelling" you talked about I have mentioned in my initial post; Hleb took half a season to fit in. Yes, the majority of it is for getting used to the "physical" aspect of the english game, but a significant part is also for him to get used to his teammates. Ljungberg needs that too. You say yourself that noone spots Ljungberg's runs anymroe, so all the blame can't be with him. Just a few games under his belt so Hleb, Henry and Cesc know how to pick out his runs again.

    And lastly I reiterate the point I've made twice already, I concede that we may have better options in Hleb and Rosicky, but labelling him "absolutely useless" is just exaggeration.
  5. Chips&CurrySauce

    Chips&CurrySauce New Member Trusted

    Freddie doesn't warrant being in the team, I just can't see what he offers us.. As RTC said, Pires also lost his pace post his cruciate ligament injury but he always had the class and composure to create a goal or finish off a move... And Pires also is a good 3 years older than Freddie..

    I personally don't see what Freddie gives the team, he just runs around with the ball and doesn't seem to get anywhere.. There were so many times against Charlton, he just seemed to be running aimlessly down the left flank...

    If we are gonna persist with this system then surely Arsène has to play Rosicky on the left and bring in Baptista in to the middle.. Atleast Baptista is a genuine goal threat, on the ground and in the air and a real presence on the pitch.. I seriously also don't think Walcott would be any worse than Freddie, either on the left or the right..

    And like others have said, this is no recent thing, he has been very poor for a couple of seasons now..

    But Arsène being Arsène he will persist with Freddie, due to his experience and loyalty.. At some point he will pick up a knock as he invariably does, at which point Baptista will be given his chance and hopefully he'll take it...
  6. jucsitin

    jucsitin New Member

    Seriously, I don't see how Baptista is in direct competition with Lungberg for a place on the team? I was under the impression that Rosicky would become our new LW, and Baptista our new AM?
  7. daniel

    daniel New Member

    Freddie has lost his speed and his sharpness, that is obvious. But he is far from being over and done with. He might not be first team material (allthough i don't agree with that) but his presence in the team is needed.

    One of the posters before said he should be let go, as soon as someone offers something. I totally disagree. What if we let him go, do we get another youngster and make our team even more expirienced? Ljungberg is an 'oldtimer' in the team and our young players can learn from him. He should be kept in the team. Even if he has to wait for his chance from the bench...

    One more thing, Freddie is a hard worker, and that's wat I appreciate the, most on a player! I don't wanna see him leave. We can still use him.
  8. GuNNerZ4LiFe

    GuNNerZ4LiFe New Member

    Yea, against Charloton Henry gave him 2 nice balls that he just couldnt deal with. Had he gotten through he would have had a 1vs1 on the keeper. The first one he couldnt get cus of the lost of speed. And the one in the 2nd half Henry gave him he just had a horrible first touch. His runs and fighting spirt are still there but its his technique and speed that has decreased over the years.
  9. junialum

    junialum New Member

    I love Freddie. I think he embodies the fighting spirit that our players should get accustomed to.

    Give this guy some rest he'd come out fresher and stronger.
  10. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    I know he isn't up to it anymore mate, but Freddie was never a player who would win a game with a brilliant piece of technique. He has always been a brave runner with a killer instinct who delivered in the big games. Players like Bergkamp and Pires can play longer at the top level because their game is based on ball skills and intelligence.

    So why criticize Freddie for something he can't do? It's not his fault Wenger keeps picking him. He is close to useless right now but he still works his socks off and always has. I feel it's unfair to slate him because he's not the one putting his name on the teamsheet.
  11. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    he has never been near the player that Rosicky, Hleb or even Pires is. He had some extreme qualities that suited or old system like that OJ simpsons glove!

    He was a capitalizer on Pires and dennis brilliance and a damn god on aswell. His movement and quickness was useful and now due to injuries and theslight change of tactics he is left with his workrate and attitude. Something that can be very valuable for us
  12. Timleaf

    Timleaf New Member

    freddie's played pretty well so far this year. Tbh he's basically had one bad season in the last 4...last season(and he wasn't alone in that remember). People seem to forget that he was one of our players of the year in 2004/5 and scored a lot of league goals.

    Basically freddie is a limited player. he never has been especially skillfull or attractive to watch. What has got is an engine a fighting spirit(I believe that's what Wenger would call it) a bit of pace and he scores goals. If he ends this season with less than double figures in all comps then he probably hasn't pulled his weight but we're only in October so I'm willing to give him a break for now.

    As for him having lost his pace...please! Do you watch the matches with a stop watch? He looked perfectly quick during the CL final.
  13. otfgoon

    otfgoon New Member

    I think he's already behind Hleb and Rosicky but both will need a rest from time to time and I am perfectly comfartable with Freddie playing. Ironically Freddie seems to perform better in those big games, probably because of the greater space and freedom he has.

    But I dont think a replacement is essential just yet. Especially when you consider the fact that all we had after bobby and Freddie in the unbeaten season was Wiltord and maybe Parlour.
  14. kel varnsen

    kel varnsen New Member Trusted

    what really annoys me about ljungberg, is that he is so clumsy on the ball and it literally takes forever for him to get the ball under control, which in turn slows down and hurts our passing game.
  15. zerofeel

    zerofeel New Member

    Not the player he once was although we cannot deny the battling features he carries himself for the team.A part of me wants to believe that he is finished at Arsenal but somehow i know he has a role to play for us.

    A big or a small role really is up to him and the gaffer to decide because he still has that knack for the trademark run-ins but its just that i feel he is being surrounded by new fledgling youngsters who might take awhile to develop that kind of understanding he has with some of the departed stars of Arsenal.

    Wouldnt rule him out just yet as a finished article.
  16. gonermad1992

    gonermad1992 New Member

    freddy has fallen from where he once was no offence to him he has been a wonderful player for us in the past but now it is time for hleb and rosicky to take his stage
  17. the dawn raids

    the dawn raids New Member Trusted

    well, hasnt ljungberg had that time with the others while they were still adjusting? hell, rosicky hasnt even had his grace period and hes still performing in a higher capacity than ljungberg now.

    his workrate is still an asset that could be useful for us, no doubt. but as hes never going to be a maestro of creativity, when the goals dry up from him as they have, then what exactly does he offer us?
  18. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Gurgen- It's this simple. I don't pay £46 every fortnight to watch Ljungberg sat on his arse every 5 minutes. But perhaps you don't go to games, so don't experience the intense frustration?
  19. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    How can I go to games when I'm in Holland? I make a trip once a year and it sets me back 500 euri.

    I feel your pain though :wink:
  20. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    The only way I think Freddie can demand a first team spot is if he manages to regain his form when he had hair.

    Just not technical enough anymore - it's called progression baby.
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