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Gabriel Jesus: Will He Score Again?


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I have said it a million times that this cvnt should be binned asap & I'll keep on saying it


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When he isn't dribbling someone he is useless. If he has to run into space he looks absolutely dusted. He has skills on the ball but that's not enough. Esp since said skills do not include finishing.

Also at the start of last season he looked strong at holding up the ball and out muscled defenders a lot, like he'd shrug them off and turn them. He never does that anymore.
I think if he was a good finisher you'd accept it but he isn't.


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It is only right that Jesus goes to Rome (Roma) in the summer. All that Joga Bonito to bottle simple chances in a title race. £60 million bid and I'm biting their hand off.

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One game he good the other game he look back to his awful self when things not coming to him he'll be frustrating as hell.
Him and Zinchenko I feel took us to thier max time to upgrade and both be squad players or sold if good offers came


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I was rooting for the brother but today....today wasn't great icl

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I still believe he can do something for us this season....I think...I hope....


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It is only right that Jesus goes to Rome (Roma) in the summer. All that Joga Bonito to bottle simple chances in a title race. £60 million bid and I'm biting their hand off.

You are on crack if you think an italian club is bidding anything close to that for Jesus


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Jesus has equally fascinated and disappointed me this season. He is the embodiment of every Brazilian striker throughout the decades - good and bad. When it comes to the Champions League he is R9 or Pato. When it's in the national team he is Jo who used to play for City back in the day. But when it's the Premier League, Jesus is like a finished version of Firminio.


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Maybe Pep give him and Zinchenko to us to keep the league interesting and sabotage us in equal measure.

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