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Gabriel Martinelli: Top Dog On The Wing


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He legit played a masterclass performance against Leicester. Can't think of anything he did wrong the whole game. He was physical, great on and off the ball, especially defensively. His ball retention, link up and decision making have improved so much, he took his goal on his weaker foot and it was clinical. RVP would be proud of that finish. He even won the header that led to the Saka chance that Jesus really should have scored from.
On his goal, he's actually the one who wins the ball back too!


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Player: Martinelli
He's always had the right mentality but I don't think his body was ready yet, just turned 21 and it feels like his strength and stamina are finally getting to where he needs them.

He has young CR7 vibes in terms of his physicality tbh


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Player: Martinelli
Gabriel Martinelli grabs you in his iron claws, lifts you off the ground and scorches you with his breath.

He's a mixture of ogre and party animal, monster and heavy metal band, Falstaff and Joker, ferocity and jovial smile.

He plays like an eagle descended from a mythology accessible only to the initiated. Have you seen the devices in the scrapyards, where there's a scrap heap waiting to be crushed? That's pretty much how Martinelli plays his football.

I didn't understand a single word but loved every second. Take a bow, son.

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I hope that we can start winning trophies with in the next couple of seasons and then young players like Martinelli, Saka, and the other young talent that we have got coming through will not feel the need to go somewhere else to achieve success,
At the moment we have got some very exciting young players in the team.

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I look at him standing and he looks like a regular Joe. When he moves forward and up against Fofana, he's quite physically imposing. He's overcome his stunted development caused by injuries and hopefully we reap the rewards with this beast of a youngster


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Him and Jesus need a signature celebration together, as they are the main duo now.

Not something as cringe as Kane and Son weird high five, but something classy like Auba and Laca's handshake.


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He plays like Robben...super dangerous every time.
Minus the part where if a player gets within 2 feet of him he flops and gesticulates like he was a shot by a high powered rifle. Great player Robben biggest cheat and flopper I have ever seen. If he went into diving full time he would have a couple of medals on style points alone


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Hope we can get him to extend his contract too along with Saka and Saliba. He is just at a different level now even compared to the end of last season.


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The thing with him and Jesus is that they both appear to barely break a sweat while running around constantly applying pressure and making runs on and off the ball. It must be somewhat disconcerting for opposition defenders as the match wears on. They are relentless!


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His start to the season has been elite and surprised me slightly. Underestimated the impact Jesus and zinchenko would have on Xhaka and Martinelli. Plus as just mentioned in an earlier post, he has devleoped a new level of strength now. A combination of mentality, pace and now physical strength.


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He could move ahead of Saka this season.
I feel like given the bulk of build up is happening on the left we should be able to more regularly manufacture a quick switch to Saka bearing down on goal to get a shot off. Tbf there was one moment in the Leicester game when our lord and saviour could (probably should) have played the ball to Saka when in on goal but took on the shot and it was saved. I let him off because he’s the lord and he was chasing a hat trick. But look at Reece James goal, thinking similar to that. Anyway I’m sure he’ll come good. (He better, I have him, martinelli and Jesus all in my fantasy team. Conviction play)

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