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Discussion in 'The Arsenal Academy Page' started by M+D, Aug 3, 2010.

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    Do you know his position there? He was moving a lot at Arsenal
  2. MutableEarth

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    Central midfield, I believe.
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    If Balogun impresses in his first few games in the under-23 he should be given games with the senior team. As should Saka next season.

    I simply do not subscribe that all young players have to be kept wrapped in cotton wool until they are 23. You should knw by the age of 20 if they have a chance of making it but that can only come from given games in the first team.
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    I agree with giving some of these young players a go they do it at other teams and it’s the only way to see if they have it or not
  5. MutableEarth

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  6. krackpot

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    Hope we have a clause to bring him back. He was so highly rated.
  7. Per was speaking About his new role in a recent podcast with BILD. Some Points were:

    He wants to Change our academy in a way that the Players do not only learn About Football but also get a good academic education. Young Football Players are spoilt these days and he wants them to be respectful, disciplined and grounded.

    Longer Version:
    - At the Moment he wouldnt put his own Children in our academy because the Focus atm is only really on Football. In his new role as head of academy he wants to ensure now that the Players will get a good education, also in case they dont make it. If the club would oppose that he said he would leave then.

    - The Kids from the Arsenal academy are spoilt. They have 10 supporting People for the U12. When Young Players break through, they first should think About how to help the Team.

    - he wants the Players to be respectful, less egocentric and with more Team spirit.
    - he has 12-14h a day. In the morning he is at the main centre with U18/23 and in the afternoon he is at the other centre with the younger ones ( for his Family it´s easier now because he has some time off in summer and winter)

    - He wants the young players to be respectful, disciplined and grounded
    - He does not want to live off his past Achievements but wants to Show he can prepare the Boys for the challenges ahead.

    - english Players are "very hot" Right now. In Germany they lack something.
    - develop personalities that always want to learn and ask Questions
    - He is also in the advisory Committee of the DFB. He missed the first Meeting because an U18 game against Sp**s was rescheduled
    - He is doing his liscence in England but it Looks like he will go more into the Manager/ Sporting director direction.
    - He would like to become Sporting director in one of the Clubs where he played (Hannover, Bremen, Arsenal)
    - the Project at the Moment will take 5-7 years but he has 2 years left on the contract. At the Moment it´s About learning.

    Then he mostly talks About other stuff like the 2014 world Cup and some stories.
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    Last game for U23s at Emirates. I'm at work but will watch on this stream here.

    Dunno the line-up yet but Saka and Amaechi might be saved for the title decider tomorrow vs Fulham U18s.
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  9. MutableEarth

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    Nketiah and Willock with the 1st team presumably. Amaechi John-Jules and Saka all start. Dominic Thompson's weird midfield run continues alongside Gilmour. Burton in the creative role.
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  10. NieThePiet

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    Already 3:0 after 8 minutes.

    Saka and John Jules are making so much fun to watch.
    Wished i could see these matches more often, makes more fun than the first team.
  11. MutableEarth

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    Great half. Ljungberg has these guys playing great football. Sheaf back in form and play8ng wonderful passes. Saka excellent - a goal and assist. John-Jules with a great game too also a goal and assist. Gilmour good tonight. Good team performance.
  12. Tir Na Nog

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    What formation are they playing 4-3-3?
  13. teamsoutheast

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    Went to the game tonight seeing as it was the last game of the season and also at the Emirates. Saka was outstanding and Ballard looked solid at CB. That Ballard looks an interesting prospect. He has good all round attributes for a CB. Osei tutu had a very good game too. I think he should definitely be considered for inclusion into the 1st team squad in place of Lichsteiner if he has a good pre season. Why was Pleguezuelo on the bench? Are his days numbered?
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  14. MutableEarth

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    Looked like it. Burton dropped deep often.
  15. dbig

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    What was the final score? Really wished Emery was braver and given some of these lads more game time this season.
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  16. MutableEarth

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    Saka's game is just evolving at a frightening rate. Could be the biggest star of the lot if he continues to improve. Better technically than given credit by some, very quick and his movement just gets better and better. Devastating player. Amaechi is a similarly devastating player but it's understandable to see why Saka is seen as ahead of him.

    Ballard is IMO the best pure defender in the academy. His improvement is also a significant story because he was let go by the club twice before being re-signed and now one of the main defenders for the U23s. He's not as graceful in possession as Medley or Sheaf, but he's still very comfortable but more importantly, he enjoys defending. Front-foot or dropping deep, he's also very brave as a defender. I think he could be a fan favorite if he makes it. Real personality.

    It ended 3-0. Arsenal basically stopped playing after an hour or so.

    I wish Emery was braver too, but it's not just that. If they are given chances, will the fans be as patient with them? I will, but I can't vouch for the rest of us. We already have fans writing them off - I see so many comments like "they'll be in League One in 2 years" and "They're not ready to play ahead of Mhki or Iwobi", and it's ridiculous IMO. We need to do better at supporting the younger players when they're given the trust of the manager. We need to trust them too. They're an unknown - they have not failed yet, and they may yet succeed for us.
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    Medley was ballin' at left (wing) back. Would love to see clips of him as a winger, before his growth spurts forced him into becoming a defender.
  18. ESR will miss the game today because his groin injury came back. Let´s hope he can get over that one. These groin injuries can be a real long term plague
  19. MutableEarth

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    U18s are close to bottling the league. They need to score soon as Sp**s are winning and as it stands, they win the title.
  20. MutableEarth

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