"I fear Arsenal more than Chelsea...."

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Gunner4Eva, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Gunner4Eva

    Gunner4Eva New Member Trusted

  2. Split

    Split New Member Trusted

    Good read.

    Nice of him to admit that Henry is truly the best player in the world.

    All that praise, and saying he'd love to play with bergy and henry... sounds like he's touting for a move to highbury! :wink: :)
  3. Sammer

    Sammer New Member Elite

    Check out these quotes - highest praise from the (arguably) best footballer in the world at the moment:

    "Chelsea look comfortable with the team they have, they are playing well and our meeting will be a very good game," Ronaldinho told Zoo magazine.

    "But I don't believe they have the same class as Arsenal yet. Arsenal have some of the best players in the world and have great movement.

    "Every goal they score is perfection. You rarely see them score a boring goal.

    "I admire Arsenal most. Their skill is fantastic and it would be an honour to play with the likes of Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry.

    "In Arsène Wenger they also have a coach who seems to bring the best out of players and is highly respected in Europe."
  4. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    What do you rekon. Swap him for Jens. Fair deal. :wink:
  5. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    lol. he did talk along similar lines about chelsea just a couple of wekes ago. i think the guy likes football so much he could probably sing the praises of wrexham! you have to admire his humility though he revealing he feels henry is a better player.
  6. awesomarsenal

    awesomarsenal New Member

    way to go ronaldinho you just uped your rating to 9.5!( only henry is 10) :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    He's said that he thinks Chelsea are a good side, but along with the likes of Sheva, Ronaldo and Zidane, he's said that he doesn't like the way Chelsea are doing business and he would prefer to play for United (not sure now though!) or Arsenal if they were to join the Prem.

    I'm sure £140,000/week can change the best of minds though.
  8. brianfrance

    brianfrance New Member Elite

    If only he...he...erm :cry:
  9. gunner4ever25

    gunner4ever25 New Member

    Nice one Ronaldinho!!

    He knows what us Arsenal fans know and most non-Arsenal fans, media in England...That Arsenal are a better side than Chelsea.

    Imagine the team at the new emirates stadium if we could fulfil Ronaldinho's comments about playing alongside DB10 and Thierry Henry:

    Rob Green/Stuart Taylor

    Eboue Toure Campbell Cole

    Freddie Fabregas Vieira Reyes

    Henry Ronaldinho

    Oh Yes :D
  10. bobbypires

    bobbypires New Member Elite

    He knows where the quality is and where the good football is played.
  11. Alexone234

    Alexone234 New Member

    To be honest, this is just a load of kidology to belittle their CL opposition.
    I am sure that if we were playing them in the CL, then this header would read "I fear Chelsea more than Arsenal"
  12. Natnat

    Natnat Active Member Elite

    He just got good taste :D
  13. DannyGooner1982

    DannyGooner1982 New Member

    Hehehe I just read that article before coming in here..

    Great stuff Ronnie! He sure knows what he is on about...and he respects Bergy too...what a champ :lol:
  14. Mostarac

    Mostarac New Member Trusted

    We all have to love Ronaldinho. He is a great footballer.
  15. Unbeaten

    Unbeaten New Member

    Ronaldinho is a great guy, I think he loves the beautiful game more than the money.

    Would be great having him in Arsenal! :)
  16. Gunner4life09

    Gunner4life09 New Member

    he's a fantastic footballer and a nice guy too.
  17. kel varnsen

    kel varnsen New Member Trusted

    schevchenko in a recent interview:

    "..on arsenal and the champions league

    'Arsenal don't have much experience in the Champions League, but when they play, they really play. When they are on top of their game, they're the best English club.'"

    on tottenham and rebrov:
    "I still say he's one of the best strikers in Europe, and I know that for a fact.

    'I think he made a mistake joining Tottenham - they weren't a big enough club for him.'"

    on leaving dynamo kiev:
    "When I made the decision to leave Kiev, I knew there were many clubs in Europe that were interested in me.
    'Tottenham were one, but not one that I ever gave any great consideration to."

    on man utd and the champions league:
    "'Man Utd have a lot of experience in the competition, but a lot has changed since they won it - I think the players that made them great are past their best.'"

    great stuff! ronaldinho and scheva really know what they are talking about...

    http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/sporttop/ ... _page.html :mrgreen:
  18. the dawn raids

    the dawn raids New Member Trusted

    "I admire Arsenal most. Their skill is fantastic and it would be an honour to play with the likes of Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry.

    because of that quote you can look forward to "Ronnie keen on Arsenal switch" articles for the next few weeks.
  19. pamilih

    pamilih New Member

    No mention of ManU? While Fergie swears that Ronaldinho is a ManU player.
  20. pamilih

    pamilih New Member

    Would he move to Arsenal at £60,000 a week? He won't, will he?

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